Write with Us

Hello and welcome!

Do you want to start writing articles and news about League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 , Overwatch, Hearthstone or Call of Duty? Or do you just need a place to show your content?

Then SplitPush.net is the place for you. This new, yet ambitious website has the goal to become the central hub for freelancers willing not only to display their work, but also to receive a share of advertisement revenue to compensate their effort in creating great content for the community.

We have been recently acquired by GAMURS, meaning that you will be able to create amazing content backed by not only a friendly and reliable team, but also by the experience and knowledge now provided by GAMURS.

The next weeks and months will be exciting as we look to grow and to transform SplitPush as the place to go if you are an up-and-coming writer, or if you are a reader looking for content outside of mainstream media.

With your help, we can together give SplitPush.net a reputation as a place with quality content, and also create a name for you, the content creator. If you have interest in joining the team, please send an email to gaamcap@splitpush.net. You will obviously not be bonded in any means to this website, and you will be free to come and go anytime you want!

Guilherme “gaamcap” Arten-Meyer, Founder