Overwatch was released in May of this year, followed by its competitive launch in late June. After an incredible first few months, Blizzard has concluded season one of Overwatch. In an attempt to learn from the past, game director Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube to detail some of the big changes coming to season 2 of Competitive Play.

Most notably, in Season 2 Blizzard seeks to establish a tier system. Currently, players who finished all of their placement matches received a skill rating from 1-100, and as they continue to play that ranking goes up or down. According to Kaplan, “One thing we think we got wrong is we chose a scale of 1-100 to represent skill rating.” Noting that many aspects of skill rating did not feel good to a majority of players, mostly due to how people perceive rankings. Kaplan states, “In our system, a person with a 60 skill rating is actually an amazing Overwatch player. You were actually in the top 6 percent of all Overwatch players, but it didn’t feel like that. With 60, a lot of us go back to our old school days and think ‘What, did I get a D on this?'”

For season 2 the scale for skill rating will be 1-5000. Players will move up in whole numbers and never fractional. Skill ratings will be broken down into seven tiers. Kaplan mentioned six of those seven tears; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Master, and Grandmaster. For the time being it seems as though your tier will be based on an average. Meaning that unless you are of the top two tiers (Master and Grandmaster), if you fall below your tier’s numerical rating, you will not lose your ranking. Things become a little stricter for the top 500 players, as Blizzard wants those at the top to earn it.

Kaplan does outline more changes, all of which can be seen in the Developer update. Meanwhile the new competitive play system will be launching on the Public Test Realms soon as competitive play resumes just next month. More information will become available as we get closer to season 2.

Season 1 Rewards

Season 1

For those of you fortunate enough to be apart of season one you have some end of season rewards coming your way. If you manage to complete your placement matches during this season you will receive a special spray and player icon. Those who manage to break into the top 500 players on their platform (and region) will be granted an extra player icon and spray on top of the other seasonal rewards.

Players will receive a number of competitive points based on the maximum skill rating achieved during the season.

This is the Skill Rating (SR) to Competitive Point (CP) breakdown for the first season:

  • SR 0-39: 10 CPs
  • SR 40-45: 20 CPs
  • SR 46-49: 40 CPs
  • SR 50-52: 60 CPs
  • SR 53-55: 80 CPs
  • SR 56-59: 120 CPs
  • SR 60-64: 200 CPs
  • SR 65+: 300 CPs

These competitive points are an alternative currency to Credits and is earned through competitive play victories. The points may be used to purchase cosmetic weapon skins. As of right now the only available skins are Golden, each costing 300 points.