Broadcaster and tournament organizer OGN is looking to host a 28-team Overwatch league, called Overwatch APEX, as reported by ESPN’s Jacob Wolf. This league will take place from October 7 and continue throughout December. It will feature a prize pool of approximately $177,000 USD.

The league will consist of 16 teams, 12 of which are from South Korea, who will be determined through online and offline qualifiers. The four outside, International teams, will receive direct invitations from the company. The league will also feature an amateur subdivision that consists of 12 South Korean Challenger teams.

b6u3w18ceaamok5OGN will be bringing along some of their well known casters to Overwatch APEX. Broadcasting for fans on in English will be Erik “DoA” Lonnquist and Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles. Both of which have worked under OGN for several years, and are most known for their League Of Legends casting. This tournament will make South Korea the first region to launch a regular, officially licensed by Blizzard, regional league. According to ESPN, sources have said other regions have proposed leagues, but none are in the works of being launched yet.

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