Organizations world-wide have been beginning to enter the competitive Overwatch scene since it’s launch in late May. As the competitive mode is reworked and improved, even more have found its future as an eSport bright. Today an announcement coming from Immortals marks their entrance into the scene.

Immortals began experimenting with a possible Overwatch team early last month, they currently hold teams in both CSGO and League Of Legends. The trial line-up eventually was picked up by FaZe, while Immortals held off on officially signing a team.

Sodipop is an emerging top North American Overwatch squad, competing on the level of teams such as Cloud9, EnVyUs and Fnatic. They have secured their first big spot at the Overwatch Open Regionals, which will be taking place towards the end of this month at the ELEAGUE studio.

Immortals’ new line-up consists of:

  • Christopher “Grimreality” Schaefer (Core damage)
  • Brady “Agilities” Girardi (Damage)
  • David “Nomy” Perez (Tank)
  • Jeremy “Jer” SantaCruz, (Flex tank)
  • Athen “Aythen” Zhu (Support)
  • George “Hyped” Maganzini. (Support)

This team has had success so far but whether they can continue to play at a top-tier level is not yet known. This roster will be debuting for the first time under the Immortal’s brand on September 25-30 at the ELEAGUE Atlanta, Georgia studio.

UPDATE: The groups have been announced for the Overwatch Open. Here they areImmortals are in North American group B.

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