Optic has just beaten Cloud 9 in an online series to qualify for ESL One New York 2016, with a 2-1 score (16-14 Optic on Train, 16-13 Cloud 9 on Overpass, and 16-6 Optic on Cobblestone).

The first map, Train, saw Cloud 9 winning the pistol round on the terrorist side with an unorthodox strategy of running from A through connector onto B. They proceed to have a fairly clean anti-eco round against Optic, however the 3rd round saw them getting eco’d, thanks to a excellent flank from Peter “Stanislaw” Jarguz. Despite this amazing showing, Optic let their fans down on the following round with Keith “NAF” Markovic accidentally buying a Negev, and Óscar “Mixwell” Cañellas falling off a ladder and dying, thus getting no money for the following round. Optic Gaming decided to force up, and won the next two rounds. The first half continued to be back and forth with no team winning more than 2 rounds in a row, and ended 8-7 in favor of Optic Gaming.

The second half started with Optic heading to the B-bombsite. They hesitated however, and tried to take A instead – where Cloud 9 were waiting for them. Stanislaw was left in a 1v2 situation once again, however, this time, he is unable to win it. Cloud 9 then won the next 3 rounds in a row, but Optic then returned the favor as they win 5 rounds in a row. The game the suddenly showed the teams tied on 14-14. Optic rushed onto A, both sides traded 2 for 2, but “NAF” finally stepping up, getting 3 kills to win the round. 15-14, Cloud 9 forced to use Mag-7’s and Scouts. Optic headed to Ivy, Stanislaw and Will “Rush” Wierzba got opening frags and Optic Gaming took themselves the first map 16-14. Tim “Autimatic” Ta tried his best to carry his team, did not manage to do so in the end. Optic Gaming’s full roster all had their moments during the map and hoped to close the series on the second map.

Autimatic from when he played on TSM
Autimatic from when he played on TSM

The next map, Cloud 9’s pick, saw Optic start on the counter terrorist side once again. Jake “Stewie2k” Yip finally started to warm up as he gets 3 kills to open up the B-bombsite and wins the first round for C9. The team carried the momentum by winning the next 2 rounds afterwards. Optic Gaming decided then to dive right into a double AWP set up, but with Stewie2k getting another 2 entries, Cloud 9 got a 4th round onto the board. On the 5th round, Optic shutted down any attempt to get picks from Cloud 9, and finally gets their first round. OG won the next 2 as well, but despite Mixwell’s best effort by getting 3 kills, they still lose the round. Optic decide to double push long again and get a pick, winning the round as well as the next 5. The half ended 9-6 with Optic in the lead.

The second half started off with a very close pistol round, with Optic Gaming just barely edging it out thanks to a 3v2 from Rush and Mixwell. The next 2 go to OG, but the 4th round saw Cloud 9 getting back on the board, winning their first CT round. The next round nearly had Optic winning but Autimatic had different plans. Cloud 9 seemed to find their footing on the defensive side, making a come back and tying up the score 12-12. The score gets to 12-14 with Cloud 9 winning, until Optic finally decided to take a tactical timeout in order to discuss. They take B, and it comes down to a 2v2 which Optic manages to win. Optic nearly took another round but Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek wins a 1v3. Cloud 9 went on to win the second map.

It all came down to the 3rd map, Cobblestone. Cloud 9 started on the T-side, heading to the A site, Jordan “N0thing” Gilbert picked up 2 in the back of the site during the after-plant to secure the round win as well as the next two. On the fourth round, a double kill from both NAF and Rush won Optic their first round for the map. Cloud 9, then headed to B again, this time adapting, making sure to molotov the spot by tree where NAF was playing previously. They win this round, but lose to pistols and Famas’ the following. Cloud 9 put onto an eco, allowing Optic to build up more rounds. Mixwell gets 2 kills, including the bomb planter on the next round which was vital to make the score 4-4. The teams kept trading rounds with Optic favoring to use a double-AWP setup on CT. This setup, alongside their aggression on B-play and A-long allows Optic Gaming to finish the half ahead – 9-6.

Optic finally managed to pick up another pistol round – their second out of sixth throughout the entire series. On round 20, Cloud 9 are down 13-6 and call a tactical timeout, and decide to eco. After Optic wins the round in very sloppy fashion, Cloud 9 has Autimatic play closer to A long, however OG decide to head B. This put Optic Gaming on matchpoint. They decided to head B again and closed out the game, securing thus a spot at the ESL One New York.