With the off-season still rolling, many teams are using the free time in order to strengthen with fresh blood their squads for the upcoming Summer Split.

Today saw a significant number of new roster announcements, so, lets wrap up them:

Impact is the new Top laner for C9; Meteos and BunnyFuFuu returning to starting roster

Cloud9 announced today the signing of former World Champion Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong. The player, coming from a Quarter-Finals Playoff exit with NRG eSports in the Spring Split, will be the new started Top laner for the 2-times NA LCS Champions, replacing An “Balls” Van Le, who in turn, will join Hai “Hai” Lam on his new NA Challenger Series team.

The organization describes the Korean superstar as “an essential member of multiple LCS level teams for over 4 years, (whose) exceptional top-laner skills will be an important asset to an already strong team.”

Also joining Hai on his new endeavor will be Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae, forced away from the main team in order to open his import spot to the former SK Telecom T1 K player. He will replaced by a very well-known face: William “Meteos” Hartman, returning after being moved to a substitute position during last year’s Summer Split.

If Wan Yoo do not purchase another spot in the LSPL, they will have to participate in the 2016 Tencent Games Arena Winter tournament later this year to attempt to qualify for 2017 LSPL Spring Split.

Finally, Michael “Bunny FuFuu” Kurylo will take Hai’s place at the Support position. After playing only two games during the entire Spring Split, he will wear the long-term captain’s mantle with the goal to help improving Cloud9’s performance in the upcoming Split, after a Quarter-Finals defeat against Team SoloMid in the Spring Split Playoffs.

Maxlore and NighT to Giants; xPepii leaves

Now shifting over to the EU LCS, Giants Gaming announced today the signing of 2 new players. They are Jungler Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian, replacing Tae-Wan “Wisdom” Kim, who requested to return to his home country shortly after the Summer Promotion Tournament, where Giants , after playing 14 games in only teams, ultimately ended up beating Team HUMA 3-1 in order to re-qualify for the European League Championship Series.

Maxlore is a newcomer to the LCS stage, having played in the last EU Challenger Series for Inspired eSports. About him, the Spanish organization says that he “has great teamwork capabilities and is a disciplined and hard-working player,” before adding that “his progression through this Challenger Series Split playing with Inspire has been impressive, and nowadays he is one of the emerging junglers in Europe.”

The second new face comes from South Korea: Na “NighT” Gun-woo, formerly of Korean Challenger team Ever8 Winners, has the task to replace the side’s biggest star, IsaacxPePiiFlores, who, according to rumors, left the team in order to join Elements, allegedly acquired by football Bundesliga club Schalke 04.

ROCCAT brings in Korean Duo

Team ROCCAT, after announcing last week Pierre “steeelback” Medjaldi as new starting ADC, published a Facebook post revealing  the roster’s last two members for the 2016 EU LCS Summer Split. Top laner Sangwon “Parang” Lee and Support Jihwan “Raise” Oh recently played in the Korean Challenger Series, representing Stardust, but ended up losing in the first Playoff round 3-2 to Ever8 Winners.

According to the German organization, they decided to bring in both players at the same because they “have been playing together for two years and showed a strong performance in their premier split in Challengers Korea 2016.” About Parang, ROCCAT says that he “is known for his mechanics and usually resides in the top half of the Korean challenger ladder,” while Raise “was the backbone of Stardust and also their main shotcaller.”

The organization ended the note by informing that their “roster for the Summer Split 2016 is complete.”

Team ROCCAT will look to deliver a much better performance after disappointing Spring Split, which saw them ending in the penultimate place, ahead only of Giants Gaming. In the Summer Promotion Tournament, however, they handily dispatched Team HUMA, earning themselves a spot back into the EU LCS.

Nagne to join Wan Yoo in China

Finally, we head ourselves to China, where it has been reported that former KT Rolster’s player Kim “Nagne” Sangmoon will join Wan Yoo, meeting, among others, ex-KT Jungler Lee “KaKAO” Byungkwon.

Wan Yoo however, doesn’t have even an assured spot in China’s 2nd tier, the LSPL, after getting relegated following a 3-0 defeat against Star Horn Royal Club. According to Kelsey Moser’s report for theScore esports, “if Wan Yoo do not purchase another spot in the LSPL, they will have to participate in the 2016 Tencent Games Arena Winter tournament later this year to attempt to qualify for 2017 LSPL Spring Split.”

Photos courtesy of Riot Games