In an interview to BR LoL Esports’ Bruno “Leon Butcher” Pereira during week 1 of the 2016 World Championshp, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu talked about the Wildcard regions, the surprising defeat against INTZ as well as what he thinks about being considered the best ADC in the world.

“I think being considered the best ADC in the world is too much for me”, said the player. “Of course, I am very thankful to all who gave me this “title”, but I don’t even have won a World Championship to deserve it.”

The Korean ADC also told what happened following EDward Gaming’s astonishing loss to Brazil’s INTZ e-Sports Club last Thursday, and what the team learnt from that defeat: “We didn’t even consider a scenario where we would lose to INTZ. After that happened, I was paralyzed in the chair,” said Deft.

“We saw the game several times and got some feedback from it. We made many beginner mistakes that shouldn’t have happened, and when we finished (watching it), we decided to work hard in order to avoid seeing that happening again,” explained the player, before finalizing: ” I do believe if we are successful, we will return to the form we had during the LPL playoffs.”

When asked regarding the development of the Wildcard regions, who currently hold a 3-3 record after the first week, Deft praised both Albus NoX Luna and INTZ, comparing how stronger they look in comparison to the last World Championship: “last year, we noticed that the Wildcard teams had a weak early game, and even if they managed to get a lead, they were unable to hold it for very long. But this year, they do not only show a better early game, but they are also able to capitalize their advantages during the mid/late game,” concluded the player, who won’t be surprise if the Wildcard teams manage further upsets: ” I already decided that I won’t be surprised anymore with any result at the World Championship. (laughs) All (teams) here are very good, and show how their region developed throughout the years. This is the most competitive tournament we have ever had.”

Deft and the rest of EDward Gaming conclude their participation in the group stages of the 2016 World Championship tomorrow. With a 2-1 record following the first week of matches, their first game of the day will be exactly against INTZ, at 4pm PST / 7pm EST.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Special thanks to Bruno Pereira for the original interview, published in Portuguese and translated by SplitPush.