Day 6 of the 2016 World Championship concluded with a do or die match between AHQ and EDG. After both teams lost one game and won another today, it all came down to the wire with this final match, to see which team would be advancing to the quarter-finals in Chicago.

Starting off the recap we begin in the pick and ban phase which left us with a few interesting choices. For the first pick we saw AHQ take Tahm Kench for Chia Wei “Albis” Kang. This pick was paired up with Jinx for Chun An “AN” Chou. Continuing on with AHQ picks, Shu Wei “Westdoor” Liu was met with cheers from the audience as he was finally given the chance to lock in the card master, Twisted Fate. Meanwhile, EDG kept their cool, reacting to AHQ’s picks quickly and matching up with AHQ’s picks quite well.

The match had a slow start with most lanes focused on farming. That is until the 8 minute mark. Setting up for first blood, Zhao Hong “Mountain” Xue from AHQ looked to sneak into the bottom brush. A well timed trap from AN and a misplay by Ye “Meiko” Tian left EDG with an early deficit as AHQ claimed first blood.

Looking to close the little over 1K gold gap, Kai “Clearlove” head bot to set up a tower dive. In doing so EDG successfully picked up two kills, but in the end a smart ultimate by Westdoor traded over Clearlove’s life for the dive.

Kill-wise things were very back and fourth between the two teams. However, a clear lead was held by AHQ for a majority of the game. With the gap growing bigger and bigger, it seemed that EDG needed a desperate play or a miracle to get themselves back into things.

Just when things seemed as though they could not get worse, Mountain found Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu caught out in EDG’s own jungle – and quickly demolished him. Taking advantage of this play AHQ sought to swiftly take down baron. EDG was not giving up that easy, however, as Heo “PawN” Won-seok jumped into baron pit as they secured the buff. Targeting Mountain first and chunking out the rest of AHQ, EDG managed to pick up a total of 4 kills – giving them just what they needed to make a come back.

From that fight onward it seemed as if EDG was setting the tempo. Around 37 minutes in, with baron once again up, EDG looked to force another mistake onto AHQ. Which is exactly what happened as EDG peeled off baron and picked up three kills, allowing them to start it up again and secure it.

Looking to keep their pace, EDG took their time in closing out. Taking down each inhibitor before marching to victory and securing their plane ticket to Chicago, 47 minutes in.

This win for EDG is crucial. However, they must now look to beat H2K for a top seed heading into the quarterfinals. While they managed to take a win from AHQ, the manner in which they did was a little shaky, and showed that there is a lot to improve on.

SplitPush’s MVP: PawN

PawN finished the game with 7 kills, 0 deaths, and 9 assists, with his decisive decision making being vital to keep EDG’s Worlds run alive.

The clear and calm decision making from PawN is what allowed EDG to comeback to the game after (another) bad early game. From initiating the post baron fight to peeling from the second baron in order to wipe out three members of AHQ, PawN led the way to EDward Gaming’s victory against the Taiwanese side.

Art courtesy of Riot Games