Alexander “Abaxial” Haibel announced that he is no longer the head coach for Brazil’s INTZ e-Sports.

“The last two and a half years at INTZ have been a fantastic period in my personal and professional career. Looking back I am proud of what we have achieved together,” stated the coach, before adding the reason behind his departure: “at this point in my career I am looking for a new challenge. I have particular interest in working in the NA LCS next year, but will consider offers from Brazil, EU, Asia and other regions. I want to be the best coach, the best leader, the best person that I can possibly be. To follow that ambition I need to consider all options available now that my contract with INTZ has reached its conclusion.”

Abaxial joined INTZ in 2014, and led the team, among other accolades, to four CBLoL titles. Recently, the team managed to qualify to the 2016 World Championship, but were eliminated in the group stages, after going 1-5 against H2K-Gaming, EDward Gaming and ahq e-Sports Club. However, INTZ’s sole win, against the LPL Champions, was historical, as it was the first time a Chinese team lost to a team coming from the Wildcard regions in a World Championship.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games