When two of the most traditional teams in Brazilian League of Legends face each other up, you can expect good games. And nothing different came from yesterday’s match-up between paiN Gaming and CNB e-sports club, in the third week of CBLoL’s Winter Split.

Both teams were aiming to end the series with a win and grab themselves all three points. With a strong composition that included Ekko, Nidalee, Vladimir, Sivir and Soraka picks, paiN started out strong and simply slaughtered CNB, with a 11-0 kills lead, 8-4 towers lead, and 3-1 dragons lead at the 46 minute mark.

Things started to change when PNG was close to end the game. Destroying the two Nexus’ turrets, the minion wave was however not favorable. paiN opted to disengage, as their midlaner Gabriel “Kami” Santos had less of the half of his total health. With a good Pillar of Ice, CNB’s top laner Pedro “LEP” Marcari, playing as Trundle, was able to slow the Vladimir and grant CNB a good kill. As PNG’s support Pedro “Ziriguidun” Vilarinho recalled, the CNB team went for the kill on the remaining champions on paiN’s side. Ekko, Nidalee and Sivir tried to force the GG, only to be killed by the entire CNB team.

With a teleport on the top lane and a favorable minion wave, Mid-laner Thiago “TinOwns” Sartori and the rest of his team were able to guarantee a CNB win in game one, destroying the red Nexus despite a 12k gold disadvantage.

After a short break, the teams came back to the studio for the second and last game of the series. With a composition of Maokai, Olaf, LeBlanc, Sivir and Karma, CNB innovated showing off the Olaf for the first time in the CBLoL this split, and banned Soraka, Vladimir and Kindred.

paiN responded with another strong team-fighting composition: Swain, Rek’Sai, Fizz, Twitch and Nami, banning in return Fiora, Malzahar and Ryze.

The fans waiting for another thrilling game were disappointed, as the second game was much slower-paced than the previous one. paiN controlled one again the objectives, grabbed themselves the first five dragons, taking down in the process nine turrets. With a good last teamfight performance, paiN had no trouble taking the entire CNB’s base down and winning the game, to tie the series 1-1.

In a statement after the end of the game, paiN’s mid laner Kami said that ‘‘the end of the first game was tragic, but I am proud of the team’s effort and dedication.’’ On the other hand, CNB’s jungler Gustavo “Minerva” Alves claimed that the team had ‘‘terrible games in this series and we’ll focus on getting some mistakes right.’’

The teams have tough challenges next week. While CNB will face Kabum! next Saturday, paiN will be facing Keyd Stars on Sunday. We can’t miss those games. Stay tuned.