ROX Tigers

The ROX Tigers released a statement denying that the organization will disband after the 2016 World Championship, after a report by ESPN’s Jacob Wolf was released earlier today affirming that sources close to the players and the organization claimed the players would leave ROX upon the expiration of their contracts (November 30th), and field offers from North American and Chinese teams.

“The ESPN article claims that the team has agreed to split up after Worlds. This is absolutely false”, said the organization. “When we were approached about this piece, we explained to ESPN that contracts are up in November for all Korean teams, meaning that players have the option to leave the team and we cannot make a statement on every player’s future decision. This is true for almost every team. We fully intend to keep this team together. Rumors are just rumors,” claimed the Tigers, who also dismissed the rumors that any player are currently under negotiations with another team:

“Let’s be clear: there are no active/ongoing player negotiations. We have received offers for our players (no surprise, given their skills) but the focus for us has naturally been the World Championship.”

The organization also said that Wolf’s claims can even jeopardize ROX’s attempts in getting sponsorship deals: “we have been in talks with new sponsors for next year as well, something put in jeopardy by claims like these.”

“We are by no means a large or established organization, but we are actively working for the future of this team and hope this “news” will not derail our efforts. We have complete faith in our players. We believe in what this team has built and accomplished over the past two years, it’s really something special,” concluded the organization.

Wolf, meanwhile, reacted to the statement:

Following their 3-1 against EDward Gaming yesterday, the ROX Tigers advanced to the 2016 World Championship Semi-final, where they will be facing rivals SK Telecom T1 at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York next Friday.

Photo courtesy of OGN