TL Wins Game Three Vs. CLG
TL Wins Game Three Vs. CLG, Photo Via Riot Games.

After a 1-3 Loss to CLG in the Quarterfinals, Team Liquid is looking for ways to put the odds in their favor for the gauntlet. As a result, they are moving fabbbyyy from the starting line-up, replacing him with rookie Jynthe. Smart move Liquid, smart move..

It seems that Jynthe has been a sub for some time now, and Liquid’s coaching staff felt he is up to the task. I would agree. I tuned into Game 3 Sunday and was confused.

“Where is Fabbbyyy?”

Down 0-2, I was wondering how much this could help TL. Then they pick up their first game versus CLG. This could be the change they need. There were a few misplays here and there, but he seemed to fit into TL so much better than fabbbyyy did. While I agree that he is a strong addition to their roster, the marksman position isn’t TL’s sole problem.

There are a few things that people are bringing up on this: Jynthe got amazing jungle support from Dardoch in game three. Where as fabbbyyy never got that much support. There was even a tweet about what Jynthe said over comms in game three:

They do agree that he’s looking a lot more solid in the lane phase. Trading seems to be going good. But game four came and… back to where we started. I seen the Gragas gank bot lane, where Dardoch Flash E’d into to bush. I had to turn it off. A lot of people think that this is where their main problem is, and I agree. Finally lets hope that scrims and prep these next few weeks help them improve.

Maybe he will step it up and we will see a better Liquid in the Gauntlet. I’m sure the TL fans are hoping so.