In comments on a Korean Talkshow that were translated today, former NRG mid laner Lee “GBM” Chang-suk stirred up controversy by saying “There’s a guy called Goldenglue who hit #1, who played on TL, he’s really bad. If you get #1 on Korea, you have this aura around you, no matter who it is.”

Seemingly calling the North American mid laner bad, social media quickly criticized GBM for overstepping his bounds with his statement. Responding to the backlash, the player issued a tweet, trying to explain what he meant by his comments on NiceGameTV:

What GBM is rightly trying to put into perspective is the difference in notoriety for a player who reaches rank 1 on the solo queue ladder in Korea and North America. Any player who reaches rank 1 in Korea has an aura which surrounds them that transcends all regions; if you reach rank 1 there, you’re respected across every region (think Apdo for example). In North America, reaching the top of the ladder doesn’t even get you taken seriously, and sometimes you have to reach it to have any credibility.

The two players jockeying for posistion on the solo queue ladder for rank one in NA currently, Cody Sun and Tarzaned are doing so in order to even receive tryouts from professional teams. There is simply an entirely different respect given to the rank one player in Korea than there is in essentially any other region, especially North America. GBM’s comments were meant to display this, but he framed them badly and had to issue a clarification as a result.

Photo credits: lolesports flickr

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