Cloud9 Challenger team qualified yesterday to the NA Challenger Series Summer Split after a 3-0 sweep against Destined For Glory in the Open Qualifiers.

Following the win, veteran player Hai “Hai” Du Lam, now the Midlaner for C9’s Challenger side, gave his views on his personal blog about the current situation of the Challenger Series.

He defended his organization regarding the statement of DFG’s ADC Ainslie “Maplestreet” Wyllie, who wrote on a TwitLonger post pointing out that it is “unfair” from C9 to use seasoned veterans, who are at the moment not starting for C9’s LCS team, to “boost” a second side into North America’s secondary tier, saying that “big organizations wanting to build a Challenger team is good for the scene, and qualifying through is more fair than just buying out a slot and kicking the players.”

The player added that he would like to see other high-profile teams establishing Challenger sides, claiming it would be a favorable situation for both players and teams: “it allows the organizations to train players that need more experience in the challenger scene and be able to bump them up into (the) LCS and at the same time give challenger players the safety/stability of being on a big organization.”

He went further and proposed a franchised league for both LCS and CS, which would “eliminate the need for an Open Qualifier tournament in the first place”, before adding that “right now it’s currently a giant risk for organizations to invest into a challenger team, the costs are insanely high for almost 0 return. You don’t get a lot of exposure, and you have the chance of being relegated and losing the entirety of your investment every 4 months.”

Hai finalized by proposing potential changes to be made to the Open Qualifier’s seeding and format:

“Changing the format to a round robin is an argument that can be made. It helps find the teams that deserve the #1/2 seed and gives a chance to the new teams coming in to earn it,” he said, before adding that “currently it’s set that the teams that got relegated from NA CS have the #1/2 seed. Keep in mind, there are benefits to a round robin system to determine seeding and giving seeding priority to the relegated NA CS teams.”