Contractz joins Cloud9 Challenger


According to lolesports, Jungler Juan “Contractz” Garcia is listed as a member of Cloud9’s Challenger team.

Contractz played the NA CS Spring Split for Ember, where the team ended up however losing the Semi-Finals 3-1 against Team Dragon Knights, and thus, the chance to join the NA LCS. Contractz didn’t play in that series, as the coaching staff, due to the player’s age (he would be ineligible to participate in the Summer Promotion Tournament and almost the entire LCS Summer Split as well), had decided to bring in former Team SoloMid’s Jungler Lucas “Santorin” Tao Kilmer Larsen as a replacement for the young American.

After the loss, the organization announced its intention in selling their Challenger Series spot and the release of all players and coaching staff – except Contractz. Ember planned on selling the youngster’s contract, but after 1 month, the player came publicly on Twitter accusing the organization of not allowing him to join other teams.

Now in a new team, the 16-year old will have to compete with Yoon-jae “Rush” Lee, who played for Cloud9’s main team last split in the LCS, for a starting position. Cloud9 Challenger started the 2016 NA CS Summer Split with a 1-1 draw against Team Liquid Academy, and are currently sitting at a shared third place in the standings.