Once again Korea came out victorious beating Counter Logic Gaming in this year’s MSI Finals (Read more about it here). In what comes at no shock to many, SK Telecom T1 took down CLG in a clean three to zero sweep. What is a shock however is that this was a finals matchup. Nobody expected the MSI 2016 Finals to be the Korean powerhouse that is SKT vs. North America’s CLG. In fact coming into this international tournament, many ranked them below Europe’s G2 Esports, and just ahead of international wildcard SuperMassive.

Photo courtesy of gosugamers.net

Despite the doubt and thousands expecting them to fall flat on their faces – CLG put up the biggest fight at MSI. Taking games off not only SKT but also hometown victors RNG. Many towards the end at the very least thought there was a serious chance CLG could take down SKT in a best of five series.

Unfortunately, as we now know, that was not the case. Putting the finals aside, the performance from CLG was beyond amazing. Finishing group stages at second place, CLG managed to put North America back on the map. Showing the world that NA is not as far behind as some may think, with other regions even borrowing North American strategies (*cough* Soraka *cough*). What is even more amazing about CLG’s performance is the fact that they are playing with rookies. Stixxay had one of the best ADC performance of the tournament with little to no experience on the international stage.

This was a team that was not expected to make it far in the Spring Split Playoffs, let alone all the way to MSI and then past the group stages… and past the semifinals. This experience was crucial, and out of all the North American teams it is most likely best that it went to CLG. Both the rookies and veterans of CLG are able to warm up to these international teams and hopefully come back for worlds stronger than ever.

For now, however, CLG will rest up and look to bring their new found knowledge to the NA Summer split (starting June 3rd). In theory this should help the region as a whole learn and further improve, and with rosters stronger than ever next split, it is bound to be a bloodbath to make it to the summer finals. In addition, starting next split games will be a best of 3 series, something both the LCK and LPL have done for years. This should help teams adjust to tournament play styles and also allow the team with the most skill to advance.

Here is what CLG coach Tony Gray had to say about CLG’s MSI performance:

Korean caster MonteCristo even commented on CLG’s amazing performance, saying on twitter:

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Cover photo courtesy of CLG