Following today’s vital win against I May, which consolidated Team WE as the third best team in China at the moment, the players talked a little about the match. You can find the original interview on PentaQ.

Q: Hello 957. Today in game 3, three top champions were banned and the opponent first picked top. Did it really impact you?

957: I didn’t feel anything actually. They first picked Shen and I felt like I still had some pocket picks to go against Shen.

Q: Condi, how did you feel going up against Mitty today?

Condi: It’s alright. He played well, but his team had some trouble executing some fights.

Q: Do you have anything to say to fireloli to make him feel better after today?

Xiye: Not much really, keep it up.

Q: Mystic, why did you go for the satik shiv as first item on Sivir in game 1 today?

Mystic: I just needed an attack speed item, so I went for it.

Q: Condi, what do you think about the post patch air dragon?

Condi: Post patch air dragon is very good for roaming and helping other lanes.

Q: Xiye, what did you say to Mitty when you were shaking his hand after the matches tonight?

Xiye: I just said keep it up.

Photo courtesy of PentaQ