The competitive League Of Legends scene has been in a bit of a mess recently.


Just yesterday Riot co-founder, Marc “Tryndamere” Merill, opened up a huge can of worms with a statement made on Reddit accusing TSM owner Andy “Reginald” Dinh of not doing all he could to help the professional League Of Legends scene.

Reginald was quick to respond to these accusations, releasing his response to his TwitLonger account. His post outlines a lot of growing issues within the eSport – specifically the strict control Riot has over potential sponsorship opportunities, with the second major issue regarding the timing of LCS patches.

Tryndamere rapidly backtracked on his original statement by posting to his own TwitLonger account. He starts off by apologizing to Reginald saying, “I reacted emotionally. Andy and I go way back, and I like him, respect him, and really appreciate everything that he and TSM have done for League.” He goes on to say he agrees with a lot of the points addressed by Reginald. Tryndamere ends his response saying, “We still have a long way to go and we are committed to being a more effective partner with teams and owners to help navigate through all of the future challenges we will inevitably continue to face together.”

This response seems to have sparked not only healthy conversations among the community and organizations, but more importantly a possible solution. Reginald posted today yet another response to Tryndamere. The response was short and sweet but hinted towards a possible resolution as Reginald says, “Marc, I agree that these urgent issues need to be addressed immediately. There is a detailed proposal signed by NA LCS teams and players headed to your inbox today. We’ll solve these problems together.” He signed off with #LCSForever, which has quickly become trending on Twitter.

Many are speculating this is the start of collective bargaining within eSports. For those who do not know, collective bargaining is essentially the process of employees looking to regulate working salaries with their employers.

#LCSForever is sparking a movement, and bringing once rivaled teams together.

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