The 12th team qualified for the World Championship this year has a name: INTZ e-sports Club. The confirmation came after they defeated the Turkish team, Dark Passage, in one final of the International Wildcard Qualifier, winning three games in five disputed.

With a superb performance of INTZ’s top laner, Felipe “Yang” Zhao, the crowd in the Ópera do Arame in Curitiba was really excited and supported the home team until the end. Contrasting with what happened last year, when INTZ felt the pressure of playing against Beşiktaş e-Sports Club in their country, the Brazilian crowd made sure that Dark Passage received the same treatment. With shouts and boos every time the Turkish players were announced or displayed on the big screen, the Brazilian public confirmed one of it’s main features: their presence.

Although the favoritism was in INTZ’s hands, Dark Passage  showed why they were in the Wildcard finals. Without two of their main players, Andrei “Xerxe” Dragomir and Rasmus “Caps” Winther, both sixteen years old and unable to participate in the tournament because of that fact, DP dominated game two of the series from the beginning to the end, not mentioning the great win in game four, stretching the series to five games with lots of drama.

Gabriel “Revolta” Henud, INTZ’s jungler, admitted that Dark Passage surprised everyone.

“For everybody here, it wasn’t the series we were waiting for. They demonstrated a style of play we didn’t expect of them. We knew they could that, but we weren’t a hundred percent prepared and had a lot of surprises. As long as the series went, our plans and picks changed a lot, but we tried to always maintain our style of play”, he added.

INTZ will now prepare for the 2016 World Championship, scheduled to start in the 29th of September and to finish in the 29th of October. This year’s edition will be held in four different cities of the United States.