Fenerbahçe fans during a football match. Photo by Kicker
Fenerbahçe fans during a football match. Photo by Kicker

Turkish football team Fenerbahçe announced today that they are entering the League of Legends scene, after acquiring the Turkish Champions League (TCL) spot of SuperMassive.TNG, newly-promoted sister team of the organization who represented the Wildcard regions at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational in Shanghai.

Check out the official statement by Fenerbahçe, translated by ahmetcan from

“Our team is named 1907 Fenerbahçe, and will compete in the Şampiyonluk Ligi (TCL) next season. All managerial rights are reserved to 1907 Fenerbahçe Derneği during the term.

The goal of being the best on any platform where the yellow-navy-blue colors compete has begun to work, as we obtained SuperMassive TNG’s rights that the team achieved to compete in the Şampiyonluk Ligi after the Challenger League series, and following the transiction’s approval by Riot Games, the team has been re-branded to 1907 Fenerbahçe. We thank SuperMassive for their cooperation during the transaction.

We strongly believe that 1907 Fenerbahçe E-Spor will be the instilled love of Fenerbahçe. Our team will be managed by Sina Afra, who is a member of our executive board, with Emre Aksoy appointed as the team manager. We are still looking to find the right players for the team, and we will share details when it is completed.

As 1907 Fenerbahçe E-Spor, we are wishing to have a great season, and we are really thankful to all who contributed to us,” concluded the Turkish club.

Fenerbahçe become thus another European football club who enter the League of Legends scene, after Paris Saint-Germain, who allegedly acquired Team Huma’s European Challenger Series spot, Valencia, currently playing in the Spanish “División de Honor”, and Schalke 04, who purchased EU LCS side Elements in May.