After a day filled with transfer news, its time to wrap everything up, so lets take a look at today’s most important announcements:

Niels and Mithy are leaving Origen

The newest transfer bomb, but yet the most significant for Western fans: Origen‘s bot lane duo Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen & Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez are leaving the Spanish organization after one and a half years. “Founding members” of Europe’s second best team, their destination is yet to be revealed, although many count on them joining reigning European Champions G2 Esports.

Whereas for Origen, they will announce the replacements for both players most likely tomorrow.

Team Dignitas transfers NA Challenger Series spot to Apex Gaming; Shiphtur and Apollo joining

Recently relegated from the NA LCS, Team Dignitas announced that they transferred their NA Challenger Series to the newest member of North America’s top league, Apex Gaming, which will use the second team to give game practice to their 10-men roster.

According to Dignitas’ note, its uneligibly to “immediate return to LCS” had the most weight in the tradicional North American organization’s decision, before adding that will they”pursue all options moving forward so that (they) can return to the highest level of League of Legends as soon as (they) can.

Joining Apex’s new Challenger team will be Mid Laner Danny ‘Shiphtur‘ Le and ADC Apollo “Apollo” Price; it is currently unknown the fate of Top laner Billy “BillyBoss” Yu and Jungler Thomas “Kirei” Yuen.

Farewell Dignitas: one of the founders of the NA LCS leave, at least for now, League of Legends’ scene

Now going across the world to China, where we saw several announcements during the day:

OMG announces two new players

According to theScore esports, Oh My God signed Junglers Chen “World6” Yutian and Yan “juejue” Hong, coming from Vici Gaming and Masters3, respecively. According to the report by Kelsey Moser, “no announcement has been made as to which jungler will start in Oh My God’s first matches or whether a rotation of Junglers will be put in place.”

Hyper Youth Gaming renames to Saint

After managing to retain their spot in the Chinese LPL, Hyper Youth Gaming changed its name to Saint (acronym: SAT) for the upcoming Summer Split, due to start next week.

Welcome Back: Peng and Xuan rejoin Vici Gaming

Mid laner Peng “Peng” Yibo and ADC Pi “Xuan” Xiaoxuan rejoined Vici Gaming’s main roster following a stint on sister’s team Unlimited Potential, which ended up the Spring Split relegated from China’s second tier, the LSPL. It is currently not known whether the two players will replace starters Lee “Easyhoon” Jihoon and Xu “Endless” Hao.

LGD Gaming: Acorn and xiaoxi leave; pyl to take break due health reasons

LGD Gaming announced several changes for the Summer Split: Toplaner  Choi “Acorn” Cheonju joined Saint, while substitute Jungler Li “xiaoxi” Weisheng will be playing for LSPL side ZTR Esports during the Summer.

Finally, according to the report by Kelsey Moser, “team captain Chen “pyl” Bo will take a short break from the LPL at the start of the season due to health reasons. As a result, substitute Jungler Li “Yu” Xinnan will take over as the starting support as LGD’s summer split commences,” meaning that LGD’s roster at the start of the split will be the following:

  • Top: Jang “MaRin” Gyeonghwan
  • Jungle: Xie “Eimy” Dan
  • Mid: Ly “Punished” Yuanhu
  • ADC: Gu “imp Seungbin
  • Support: Li “Yu” Xinnan

Samsung has a new ADC

Finally, we head over to South Korea, where Samsung Galaxy signed ADC Park “Bung” Jae-hyuk from Challenger Korea’s side Stardust, but was unable to clinch promotion into the LCK with the side, after losing the first Playoff round 3-2 to Ever8 Winners.

Having two other Marksmen on its roster, Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in and Lee “Stitch”Seung-ju, it is currently unknown whether Bung will replace one or both of team in the upcoming LCK Summer Split.

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games and Samsung Galaxy.

Special thanks to the theScore esports and to Kelsey Moser and Emily Rand for the original reports.