The VELTINS Arena in Gelsenkrichen. Photo by
The VELTINS Arena in Gelsenkirchen. Photo by

Schalke 04 announced today that the organization will be holding a scouting event for aspiring pro players at their VELTINS Arena in Gelsenkirchen.

“Talented League of Legends players from across the globe – whether Esports veterans or dauntless rookies – are hereby invited to take part in a five day event at Gelsenkirchen’s VELTINS Arena to show their skills under the eye of the Schalke scouts,” stated Schalke in the press release.

The best five players will compose Schalke’s line-up for the GEFORCE Cup in Warsaw as the team’s Schalke 04 pre-season roster.

According to Tim Reichert, Schalke’s Head of Esport, “By complementing the Scouting Days, we maintain our solid foundation of youth development. Therefore, we use our experience and resources in the identical way to our traditional sports.”

Looking at the amount of important factors involved in successful, long-lasting teamwork; one of our top priorities has always been to not only reach out to professional players but also to the uncut diamonds in the scene,” concluded Reichert.

Registrations are open until October 18th, and in order to participate in the event, “applicants must have reached at least master division.”