CJ Entus to remain in Challenger Series of LCK with Translation


On August 27th 2016, CJ Entus was removed from the LCK by ESC Ever in a clean 3-0 sweep. Two days after however, a CJ official had confirmed to OSEN that CJ will compete in Challengers Korea (Second League) and that they will “reinforce [their] weaknesses and work to rise back up to LCK” 

CJ Shy, legacy player
CJ Entus Shy, legacy player

The fear of their relegation was a concern as they had lots of mid and jungle issues with swapping with hyped up mid laner Bo-seong “BDD” Kwak for Ha-neul “Sky” Kim who was suppose to be a placeholder for BDD and even more problems with their two Junglers Min-Seung “Haru” Park and Jun-hyung “Bubbling” Park.

For CJ to remain in the League of Legends scene is not the biggest of surprise as CJ has one of the biggest fanbase in Korea thanks to players like Shy and Madlife, but some voiced their concerns fearing their departure.


CJ Entus, the legendary team that had once dominated the early generations of League of Legends, has decided to join the LCK Challengers series in the upcoming season.

On the 29th, a CJ official has confirmed through the phone with OSEN that, “Challengers League has decided to partake in the league with the demoted League of Legends team in the next season.” Another official also followed up, stating, “Although [CJ Entus] has been demoted to Challengers League as of now, we will reinforce our weaknesses and work to rise back up to LCK.”

In the “2017 League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) Promotion-Demotion Series” that took place on the 27th at the Seoul Sangam OGN E-Sports Stadium, CJ Entus faced a 0-3 defeat against ESC Ever, thus failing to remain as part of First League.

Following the shocking loss, there were voices of worry from the E-Sports community and fans. However, with serious consideration for the team’s problems, CJ Entus delivered their will to maintain the team to the Pro-Gaming Executive Office on the morning of August 29th.

Therefore, despite the hardship of being demoted from LCK (First League) to Challengers Korea (Second League), CJ Entus will be able to participate in the Challengers Korea league in the following season. 

SOURCE: http://sports.news.naver.com/lol/news/read.nhn?oid=109&aid=0003385440  

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