Group A has just been concluded for E-League Season 2. The four teams that were competing in the group were Cloud 9, FaZe Clan, Immortals and Mousesports. The group used a GSL-format with the first matches as well as the winners match being best of ones. The elimination and decider matches that take place on October, 22nd will be best of three’s.

The first match of the season saw Mousesports face off against Immortals. Mousesports were playing their first lan with their new team member Christian “LoWel” Antoran. The Brazilians were the favoured to finish first place in the group however, their first match in the E-League studio saw them losing 16-9 on Mirage.

The second match of the day had Cloud 9 challenge FaZe clan on train. Cloud 9 won the map 19-7 and secured themselves a spot to play live on TBS TV.  Heading into the match, the two players to watch were Chris “ChrisJ” de Jong and Jake “Stewie2K” Yip as they both had excellent performances on their prior games.

Cloud-9 looked to enter the playoffs with a top seed.

The game was on Dust 2, a strong map for both teams. Mousesports started the first half on the counter-terrorist side. Cloud 9 started the pistol round by heading long-A with Stewie2k getting a quick 3 kills. This secured them the pistol round. The next round saw Mousesports forcing up and despite taking down three of Cloud 9’s players, they were unable to win the round. The first full buy from Mousesports saw them shut down Cloud 9’s attempt to take the B-Bombsite and made the score 3-1. Mouz finally got to tie up the score 3-3 in the following rounds but do not stop there as they continue their momentum into the next one with ChrisJ having a great match. Cloud 9 do manage to string together three rounds near the end and the half finishes 8-7 with Mousesports in the lead.

Thanks to some early aggression at middle, Cloud 9 picked up the second pistol round making the score 8-8. Mousesports retaliates back as they force up and win their first round on the terrorist side. ChrisJ and his team seemed unstoppable, winning another four in a row. C9 eventually win another round partially due to a push through smoke from Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek catching the enemy team off guard.

They also pick up following making the score 10-13 with Mousesports still in the lead. Mouz use their tactical pause and decide to save money for the next round. On round 25, Mousesports decided to take the A-site however the trades favored Cloud 9 and the Americans made the score 12-13 closing the gap. ChrisJ started to cool off and with no one else on Mousesports stepping up to help him, Cloud 9 finally took the lead which made the score 14-13. Mouz come back and take it to overtime.

Overtime commenced with the teams staying on the same sides. It ended with the score being 17-16 with Mousesports winning two rounds on the terrorist side. Mousesports win their first Counter-terrorist round in overtime putting them at match point, 18-16. They win their final round in the group stage of E-League and advance to the playoffs. The final score being 19-16.

LoWel proved to be a great pickup for the German team.
LoWel proved to be a great pickup for the German team however ChrisJ will need more of his team to step up in the future

Cloud 9 will still have another chance as they face the winner of Immortals vs FaZe tomorrow. The two teams will face for the final spot from this group in the E-League Season 2 playoffs.

Photos from ELeague, The Esports Edition and TheScoreeSports