Mousesports have just announced that Christian “loWel” Garcia Antoran will be replacing Tomas “Oskar” Stastny on their CS:GO lineup.

Mousesports LoWel cs go

LoWel previously played for PENTA Sports, who are currently 5-17 right now in the ESL Pro League. PENTA have not yet stated who they will be using to replace him but as they have a game coming up October, 11th in the Pro League, it will be known soon. He does not have much experience playing on a stage in front of a big crowd so his first LAN might not show his true skills.

Oskar was just recently been brought onto mousesports after leaving Hellraisers. He joined the team on August, 11th, replacing Johannes “Nex” Maget. They only played one LAN event with him however, which was the G-Finity Invitational where they came 2nd place, losing to EnVyUs in the finals. Mousesports are also 13-7 in Pro League, sitting in fourth place at the moment, with just a couple games left to secure themselves a spot to the finals, which will be taking place in Brazil.

The statement shows some insight on to why he was dropped: “I am sad that it didn’t work out for Oskar and us. Tommy is without a doubt a great player but unfortunately, he is not at a point in his life where he wants to focus on the game full time. He made it clear to us, that he wouldn’t be able to play the full tournament and practice schedule in the coming month, so we had to make the change to ensure the competitiveness of our team”, said mousesports’ CEO Cengiz Tüyl.

You can watch mousesports play with their new roster in ECS on October, 9th as well as in the ESL Pro League on October, 10th. They will also be competing in E-League season two later this month.

Mousesports complete roster for the time being is currently:

Chris “ChrisJ” De Jong                                                                                                         Denis “Denis” Howell                                                                                                           Nikola “NiKo” Kovač                                                                                                           Timo “Spiidi” Richter                                                                                                           Christian “LoWel” Antoran                                                                                                   Sergey “Lmbt” Bezhanov     (Coach)                                                                                     Johannes “Nex” Maget         (Backup)

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