EnVyUs are crowned champions.
EnVyUs are crowned champions. Photo by Joe Brady

Team EnVyUs defeated Mousesports in the grand finals of the Gfinity CS:GO Invitational taking place at the EGX convention in the United Kingdom 3-0 ( Cache (19-17), Cobblestone (16-12) and Dust 2 (16-14) ).

The first map, Cache, started out great for EnVyUs. Aside from a couple of rounds, Mousesports just couldn’t seem to find any openings onto the bombsites on the terrorist side. They won the pistol round, and despite losing the following round to Deagles, Dan “Apex” Madesclaire returns the favor on the 3rd round. Envy picked up the 4th as well, securing economic stability. For the rest of the half, Mousesports struggled and couldn’t win many rounds, with the half finishing 11-4 in favor of EnVyUs.

However, after losing the pistol round, EnVyUs proceed to lose another 10 rounds in a row, putting the score at 11-15. Having already used their tactical pause on round 22, they decided to head to the B-Bombsite. Thanks to a couple of good entry kills as well as Kenny “KennyS” Schrub winning a 2v2 situation, EnVyUs finally get another round on the board. KennyS getting 3 kills in the next round and Timothée “Devil Démolon turning around to kill a flanking Timo “Spidii” Richter allows EnVy to take the game into Overtime. Mousesports wins the first two rounds of overtime, however they can’t close it out as EnVyUs pick up the next 4 rounds in order to win the map 19-17 after almost throwing it away in regulation.

Cobblestone started with Mousesports picking up the pistol round on the counter terrorist side, but Envy forced the buy, and grabbed themselves the following round. They then proceed to win the next five rounds in a row, but Mouz decide to switch things up, and purchased two AWP’s in the hopes of catching EnVy off guard. This worked for the first round, but a double entry from Apex onto the B-bombsite secures Envy the following round. Mousesports are forced to eco, which allows EnVyUs to build up both their economy as well as put more points on the board, and the half ended 10-5 in favor of EnVy.

The second pistol round goes in favor of EnVyUs, and so does the round afterwards thanks to 4 kills by KennyS. The French team gets to map point with the score being 15-6. Mouseports manage to win their force buy for the following round, and carry this momentum with them for several rounds. But Vincent “Happy Cervoni decides to pick up an AWP alongside KennyS, and manages to get 3 kills with it to close out the map 16-12. KennyS and Apex stepped up on EnVyUs which was a key factor in them winning. Although Nikola “Niko Kovač did his best to carry his team to a comeback, but in the end, it was not enough: Tomáš “Oskar Šťastný couldn’t seem to find an opening at all during the entire map and really let his team down.

With Envy up 2-0 in the best of five, they were looking to finish the series on the third map, Dust 2. They started on the terrorist side, but get shut down by Chris “ChrisJ” de Jong as he gets 3 of them while they try and force their way onto the B-bombsite. They then continue to struggle, as Denis “Denis Howell gets 4 kills in the 3rd round of the map. The half ends 11-4 in favor of mousesports. EnVy switches over to the CT side and win the pistol round as well as the following two.

On the fourth round, Nathan “NBK” Schmitt attempts to pick up an AWP but gets picked instantly by Oskar and the “Boys in Blue” end up losing that round. Despite this, KennyS got an insane 3 kills the following round that re-motivated EnVy to continue the comeback. The map finishes 16-14 with the recently criticized Devil picking up 3 kills in the final round. Dennis and ChrisJ both played really well for the map and Apex did great for the entire series. On the other hand, NBK really needed to have stepped up and he nearly cost them the map.

The final placing and prize distribution for the tournament:                                                   1st place: EnVyUs – $50 000                                                                                               2nd place: Mousesports – $30 000                                                                                       3rd/4th place: Epsilon Esports – $10 000                                                                             3rd/4th place: Godsent – $10 000