About a week ago, OpTic Gaming’s Karma sent a public tweet to his former Impact teammates that may have some seriousness to it

The possibility of having this happen has people going nuts on social media. And of course, this would mean OpTic will not be attending UMG Orlando. Anyone in the right mind knows that OG brings viewership to most events, so this could be a potentially awful event for UMG as a company.

However, if Fariko Impact were to reunite, it could possibly bring back some of the viewership lost by OpTic not attending. Now, I’m not saying if this were to happen this going to be a killer event viewership wise, but it will still be great many of the COD eSports fans who have been watching since the old days, and have been waiting for this to happen for years.

As for their performance, it can go many different ways. Together as a team (MirX, Parasite, Karma and Killa) they have has past success. But this year, none of them have had any real success other than Karma. MirX for instance, has had the worst year of all. He started out the Black Ops 3 season with a CompLexity team that had promise, but just didn’t come to fruition in Stage 1 in what was a disappointing first half of the year.

For Stage 2, coL made two changes by adding back Parasite and adding Goonjar to the lineup. It was another disappointing run for a coL team that was hoping for redemption in the final season. After the departure from CompLexity, both MirX and Parasite would team up with Maux and Llama under Kingsmen Global for MLG Orlando. This would once again be an underwhelming performance for the two former world champions. For COD XP this past month, Parasite played under CompLexity for the third different time this year, who placed T16 after being knocked out by Cloud 9 in the first round of losers bracket.

MirX who was at the time a free agent, was asked by Millennium the day before the tournament due to Swanny not being able to compete that weekend because of personal issues. MirX played well, as Millennium would place T12. This was one of MirX’s better performances on the year, considering he only had a few hours of practice at the hotel with the Mil. squad (Tommey, Jurd, MadCat).

As for Killa, there really isn’t much to say. He started off the Black Ops 3 on a sub-par Cloud 9 team. Ya, remember them? CaLifa, Sinful, Accuracy and Killa, finished 17th-24th in Open Bracket at UMG South Carolina. After only a month, Killa joined Dream Team after Happy’s release. He performed well individually, but dT failed to qualify for Stage 1 playoffs forcing them to relegation. dT won in game 7 to barely qualify for Stage 2. L

ed by Diabolic and Killa, dT made a historic run by taking down FaZe in 6 games, and Luminosity as well. The finals against EnVy wasn’t close at all, but the run impressed many people. Champs was hugely disappointing though. Renegades signed the squad pre-tournament, and unfortunately the performance did not rep the name well. RNG heading into their last match of group play at 0-2, were up against Pulse. Killa failed to attend the match resulting in a forfeit giving RNG an 0-3 record.

Without talking about Karma (mostly because you all are bandwagon OpTic fans), fans should get excited for the potential return of the former world champions. Even though some of the players haven’t had much success separately, who knows what they can do if this were to happen.

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