Team Infused announced last Friday that they have acquired former HyperGames player Nolson, and Moose, formerly of Epsilon.

This announcement came just a few weeks after the departure of Zer0 and Urban, which left MarkyB and Peatie looking for two player to complete the line-up. Nolson was on a talented HyperGames team that had a strong Stage 2 in the COD World League. But after they were unable to play well at recent LANs, it was not a surprise to see this team separate.

Moose on the other hand, was on the Epsilon team for the entire Black Ops 3 season. Their best LAN tournament was at the GFinity Summer Masters, placing in the top 6 position. The team disbanded post-champs after yet another upsetting performance.

With these signings, the complete roster heading into Infinite Warfare will be MarkyB, Peatie, Moose and Nolson. Expect this roster once again to be a force for this year, although it’s hard to say if they’ll be a powerhouse right off the bat.