With the Overwatch Open starting in just a couple of hours, the teams are ready to battle at the ELEAGUE’s studio for a total prize pool of $300,000.

This tournament will have a different format of play than the usual, and in the end only two teams will remain – one from North America and one European side will meet in the grand Final on September 30.

This rankings are based on the team’s performance in previous Tournaments, but before we predict the upcoming results, we have to remember that some of the teams that will be competing at The Open didn’t attend some of the previous big tournaments, like the ESL Atlantic Showdown at the Gamescom, and considering some time has passed since that event, the teams are surely not the same from the ones we saw in Cologne. So, in order to not waste more of your time, lets start with the predictions and with some analysis about each team.

  • 16. METHOD


Method is an organization primarily known for its World of Warcraft raid and arena teams – that is, until they picked a roster formerly known as 1SHOT. It started to develop its gameplay, but until now, they didn’t manage to accomplish much more than losing recently to Sodipop /now known as Immortals), and drawing against Colorado Clutch. The best result they got was against complexity Gaming, a 2-1 win at the Alienware Monthly Melee.

Thus, it is likely that they will not get out of the group, but nevertheless, they can still surprise if they can get games out of C9 ( a strong contender to win it all), and then try to win in the lower bracket versus Immortals.

It’s unlikely it will happen, but this is a great opportunity for the players to get some LAN experience .

  • 15. Splyce


Splyce have right away probably the toughest opponent in this tournament in their first match – EnVyUs. It seems a long-shot for this line-up, but perhaps captain Bradford “PYYYOUR” Ross, who has professional experience playing Team Fortress 2, can bring calm and shot-call his team to an – even with very unlikely – win.

Nevertheless, we still put them above Method because we think they are overall more solid, and even though it will be extremely hard, they can put in a fight against the allmighty EnVyUs.

  • 14. Immortals


Immortals, who acquired Sodipop, have scored some wins against teams like Colorado Clutch and Method. But in recent matches against top tier teams they have failed to accomplish any significant feat, with losses against C9 and FaZe Clan, who handled Immortals in a convincing fashion. The question is: will Immortals be able to prove that they can do more than beat low tier teams?

This might be not the case this time, because tank player David “nomy” Ramirez will not be able to attend, thanks to visa issues. Wolfgang “Wgb” Braun, his temporary replacement, will have tough time ahead of him as he and the rest of the line-up try to overcome these difficulties in order to be able to exceed their expectations at the Open.

  • 13. NRG eSports

NRG Logo

NRG eSports have a talented roster, and they should be looking forward to try and prove themselves in big competitions. They have all the pieces they need to pull off a good performance in this tournament, but since the earlier stages of the Overwatch competition they have been unable to pull off some high level performances like they did before when they were still Mixup.

In my opinion it is just a matter of time until they start to prove that they are a big contender in this scene, but they are still in the same group as Team EnVyUs, and just for that it seems that NRG will not get very far. With their first match being against Team Liquid they will find some difficulties. Still, I am looking forward to see what they can do in this Overwatch Open.

  • 12. Team Liquid

Liquid Logo

Liquid had a rough match against Fnatic in the qualifier, however they still were able to qualify because they beat Colorado Clutch and MONO to earn their ticket to the Open.

Team liquid have a delightful roster, with a very talented DPS lineup including both players Andrew “id_” and Keven “AZK” Lariviere, but the team have some issues with their communication not being able to capitalize their strong individual plays into wins. With this said if they can make their shot-calling better than they can pull off a big run in this tournament.

Their first match will be against NRG esports, they matched already in the fourth Overwatch Open qualifier, but this match they have pressure to win because if they don’t they still are in the same group as EnVyUs.

  • 11. Anox


Anox is such an interesting team coming into this tournament, after almost being able to qualify the ESL Atlantic Showdown with such good performances in those matches, Anox have one of the most aggressive play-style in this game. Despite having  failed against team Dignitas, losing 3-1 in Group B of the Lenovo Cup, they still have some merit.

With such a aggressive play style this team is one of the most unpredictable teams coming into this Open, because they can have a good performance or a bad performance, if the momentum carries them they will be such an monstrous team.

  • 10. Luminosity Gaming

luminosity-gamingAfter losing their first roster to NRG, LG couldn´t ask for a better improvement in the last month. After picking a new roster formerly known as 2sTroNK, LG got some big results very quickly, being first on group D at Overwatch open Eu Qualifier over Dignitas.

Lg will stay in group B, where they will find Misfits first, and the rest of the group being Rogue and ANOX. This group will be really hard, still however, if LG can find some momentum they can be one of the best teams coming into this tournament.

  • 9. Dignitas


After such a disappointing performance at the Atlantic Showdown, Dignitas still have one of the best rosters in Europe. Even though while attempting to qualify to this tournament they lost against team Liquid, they manage to defeat OWKings twice.

I give the edge to Dignitas because of one player in particular, tank player and shotcaller for the team, Seb “numlocked” Barton. He is known for his aggressive play style, and with the meta right now being tanks and supports, this brings the best of such and amazing player as is numlocked.

  • 8. FaZe Clan


FaZe has a mix of players from both regions and they have been playing extremely well in the past few months.

They lost against 3-2 Cloud 9 at the Alienware Monthly Melee for August but even more important they got 1 at their group in the Overwatch Open EU qualifiers by defeating Gamescom champs Rogue in a 2-1 match.

They have two strong DPS players, George “ShaDowBurn” Gushcha and Eric “TwoEasy” van Hoorn, these two players are able to bring their a game and have helped FaZe put on a strong performance in recent matches. However with the meta being Tank and supports at the moment, they might find themselves having a hard time adapting, making them a little behind compared to others.

FaZe is on Group A, where really strong teams like NiP and REUNITED seek to prove to be the best. For them, Dignitas can be a really easy team to beat if they continue to perform how they have been.

  • 7. Misfits


After a disheartening performance at Gamescom being a 5th-6th finish, the team decided to do some roster changes with Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson is as DPS and mikael “Hidan” Da Silva trials for support. With Nicholas “Skipjack” Rosada unable to attend the Open, Ruben “ryb” Ljungdahl will play tank for the team.

With a lot of changes it is hard to expect that this team will do great at this Open, but there is a lot of experience in this roster, and with a good shotcaller, and great individual players they might be able surpass their issues with communication and emotional problems inside the team.

This team has a lot of potential, they can do great things and we will just have to wait and see what they are capable of doing or not together.

  • 6. Ninjas in Pyjamas


NiP is a super strong team in Europe right now, for sure they are a EU top 4 team right now. Especially after beating FaZe, Luminosity and Dignitas.

NiP born into this meta, this was the team that invented this play style. They play the 3×3 strat. They are so good in this meta right now, while others just try to adapt to this meta. They play this meta almost perfectly and they are a really strong contender from EU to try reach the finals.

If they can keep with such a good performance and keep executing this strat  they can surprise many and get into the finals.

  • 5. Fnatic


Fnatic’s performance at the Atlantic Showdown was one of the best for North America. Despite not making the finals, they took one game from REUNITED and got themselves as one of the best in it’s region.

This roster has a few really good weapons to show. Starting with Andre “iddqd” Dahlstrom, Casey “buds” Mcllwaine and Matt “collmatt69” Lorio. Even if one of these players are having a bad game, the others will step up and show what they are worth. For those who watched Gamescom you should be incredibly impressed with the performance of Buds, in which he played a lot of non meta picks, which in some cases can help the team in this current meta.

Fnatic is in Group B from NA and they should be one of the favorites to get pass through that group.

  • 4. Cloud 9


Cloud 9 one of the best teams coming into Gamescom, and a lot of people thought them to be the top 2 team, however they lost against compLexity Gaming. Despite that this is a team that no one can take out of place, they have one of the best rosters in North America, and they are certainly hyped to show what they are worth of – making people forget about that disappointing loss against compLexity.

C9 are in group B, the same as Fnatic, and this is one of the greatest matches that people are looking forward to watch.

  • 3. Rogue


Rogue is the team that surprised everyone by defeating C9, Team EnVyUs and REUNITED to win Gamescom. They are one of the favorites to win the tournament. With this said it is really hard to say that maybe Rogue deserved a better placement over REUNITED, but Rogue I think will have a hard time with this new tank meta.

They have some recent losses against FaZe Clan, but i still think they will be one of the best teams in this Open.



This team has a roster that can destroy everybody if they  perform at its highest peak.

Sergi “Winghaven” Torras is one of the best Reinhardt players, and Andrei “uNFixed” Leonov  is a great Zarya. This team has one of the best players, with the best heroes performances. This organization has everything needed to make it to the finals and challenge Team EnVyUs.

  • 1. Team EnVyUs


Even tho they lost to Rogue 3-2, they recently have been hitting the practice hard at gaming house in Charlotte, NC. They have remained extremely dangerous.

Having the biggest change of getting into the Finals with the spot of NA. Like other teams many have not watched a lot of their performances. But we can imagine the big performance that his guys can pull of at this Overwatch Open.