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As the EU LCS week wraps up we are just about to start the long NA LCS weekend. Today we will have two matches for North America. With only two matches our Fantasy options are very limited – as AlphaDraft only allows you to pick 3 players from each team. Meaning, even if you properly predict the winning teams – one slot on your roster is going to be a player (or team) that lost.



Favored Teams

IMT (2-0)

Immortals Logo

Apex (2-1)


The Lineup

The good thing about having only two match-ups is handling the salary is not as difficult. You are able to pick the top players and still have money left. What is difficult is deciding which of the lower picks you will sacrifice as you can only have 3 players from the same team on your roster. Immortals should have no issue beating NRG without dropping a game. So avoid NRG picks. While I do think Apex is the stronger team against Envy, there is a chance they drop a game to them. Which is why our last pick will be from Envy.

Top Lane –

huniHuni is going to dominate his match-up against Quas. Immortals as a whole should have no issue beating the members of NRG. I am not trying to downplay the potential NRG has as a team – but Immortals has played with their roster before, they have the synergy as well as the skill all together. To take a look individually at Huni. On his first day of the 2016 summer split he netted a 80 points against Cloud9 who at the time were considered one of the tougher match-ups. On the other hand Quas in his first series only had a total of 28 points throughout games. The first game of the series he had zero points, and only one point in the second.

Like I have said before. When IMT wins, they often are winning around Huni. For this reason when you think they are going to win a series – pick Huni. Budget around him if you need to.

Alternative Pick


Jungle –
For Jungle I decided to go with Shrimp. I decided against Reignover mostly because I wanted to save my IMT picks for the more kill oriented lanes. Apex has made an amazing showing so far in the LCS and a huge part of their success comes from Shrimp. He has a huge kill participation percentage and has shown that his play style is one that is unique and cannot be banned out during pick phase.

Alternative Pick


Mid Lane – 


Pobelter had a good showing as well week 1 of the split. While he did not have insane kill numbers he participated in nearly every kill that IMT picked up. Assists are worth only one less then kills and someone who gets a lot of assists are just as useful as someone who gets a lot of kills. This is not to downplay Pobelter either as he is no stranger to high kill count games. Despite the high price he is often worth it. This week should be interesting to watch as he will face off against GBM – who has shown he is able to carry NRG to at least one victory.

Alternative Pick



wildturtleWildTurtle has a 70% kill participation from last split. Today he is going against OHQ. OHQ was a player who was very hyped coming into the split. Since then that hype has died down. OHQ seems to not be comfortable with his own personal decisions yet. Often in fights he is barely getting in more then 2-3 hits. His decisions are not decisive and his playstyle is far too passive. Turtle is going to take advantage of that.

Alternative Pick


Support –
XpecialXpecial has shown he still has what it takes to compete at LCS level. Even in the one match that Apex dropped to CLG – Xpecial participated in all but two kills picked up by APX. In that same series he nearly picked up a perfect game. In his next series he put KiwiKid to shame getting more then triple the assists and only two deaths combined across both games.

Alternative Pick


Flex –


Whether Apollo is doing well because of Xpecial or vice versa – He is still performing better than we have ever seen him. He has a high kill average, and a low death average. A pick does not get much better than this. Apollo is a player that I will be keeping my eye on come the next few weeks.

Team –


I think Team Envy is going to lose to Apex yes. However a losing team is not always a bad Team pick. nV has consistently shown they are a objective focused team. Picking up no less then 2 dragons a game. nV has not yet had a single game in which they did not obtain a baron. They are objective oriented. Going against Apex that will not change. Since we are forced to pick someone besides Apex or IMT here, this is the best choice. It might even be the best choice regardless.

Alternative Picks 

Immortals LogoApex

My Final Roster


AlphaDraft is giving fans a chance to win a paid trip to the 2016 World Finals Click here to signup for the NA Qualifiers