The first week of the North American 2016 summer split is almost over – and it has been an unpredictable one. Overall between both NA and EU teams seem sloppier than ever. However it is just the start of the split and rosters still need practicing and adjusting. Today’s match-ups on paper look easier to predict. Yet as the previous days have shown, sometimes whats on paper, is not translated onto the rift.

These are the games taking place June 5th:

june 5th

Favored Teams

I have said before the best place to start when creating a roster for any Fantasy sports is with the match-ups. You want to avoid picking players from teams who you believe will not win, although like yesterday there are exceptions. When IMT played against C9 I predicted IMT would take the win. Yet in order to save money for better players in stronger positions I put BunnyFuFu as my support – with strong belief that he would break even making him at the very least worth his price. He did, in fact he over performed (him and his substitute) and had 94 points totaled despite losing the IMT game. Here are my favored teams for today:

Counter Logic Gaming (2-0)

CLG Logo

Team SoloMid (2-1)


Cloud 9 (2-0)


Immortals (2-0)

download (1)

These are my favored teams going into today’s matches. The only surprise I can see happening is Liquid upsetting TSM. However again, anything is possible.

Picking your lineup

With my favored teams all picked out it is time to start composing our lineup. The teams I am looking to avoid picking from are Apex, Echo Fox,  and Phoenix 1. This is not meant as an insult to these teams or their lineups. Rather in order to pick the best possible roster based on stats and previous knowledge it is important to eliminate teams you are unsure of or believe are behind in their match-up. In fact Apex and Echo Fox are two teams that took my by surprise in their performance yesterday and I believe they both are competitors for playoff spots. To get to the point, here are my pick suggestions:

Top Lane


My top choice for the top lane is Huni. While he is a pricey pick, yesterday he showed he was well worth it picking up a total of 90 points, and while that was not the highest points earned by top lane it was still up there. When Immortals win, it is often through Huni and that was shown and will continue to be shown throughout this split.

Alternative Picks


Jungle –

xmithie For the price Xmithie is by far the best pick for Jungle. Despite a difficult opening day for CLG, they are still coming off the intense boot camp that was MSI and Xmithie has made huge improvements. This match-up against Apex should allow him to show that.

Alternative Picks

svenskeren meteos reignover

Mid Lane –


The burger king himself. He is a bit expensive but well worth the price as he proved Friday. Also there is a strong chance TSM vs. TL makes it to game 3, allowing Bjergsen to pick up some more points.

Alternative Picks



sneakyTo save some money for our flex I chose Sneaky. There are many possible strong ADCs to pick today however for the price this is the most cost efficient. Also C9’s botlane looks stronger than Echo Fox.

Alternative Picks

  wildturtle stixxaydoublelift

Support – 

220px-DT_Biofrost_2016_SpringBiofrost proved to be a great addition to the TSM family… at least in his LCS debut. I expect him to score big today as DoubleLift fits his playstyle perfectly and their synergy seems really well this early on in the split.

Alternative Picks

adrian aphromoo 225px-Bunny_FuFuu

Flex – 

jensenThere is a reason we have been saving that money throughout the picking of this roster! Today’s flex pick is a mid laner unlike the previous days where I chose ADCs for Flex. This is mostly because of the pricing for today, however in general Mid laners will score around the same or even more then ADCs. Jensen is a dominate top tier mid laner and he should do well against Froggen.

Team –

downloadWhile this might not be the best choice, it is the most efficient with the money left after picking a strong flex. Apex showed they are fairly objective oriented and even if they lose they still could pick up some decent team points.

Alternative Picks

4RBeDsI-300x300 300px-Cloud9logo_square download (1)CLG Logo

Final Roster:

roster sun