sdsdsToday after the EU LCS wraps up for the day, North American fans will once again be able to enjoy live professional Clown Fiestas. Some of us, as crazy as it sounds, may even bet on these fiestas. Whether you are playing for free on lolesports or for money on AlphaDraft it is important that you start your split off strong in Fantasy LoL, and show your friends who the real analyst is. Welcome to the NA LCS Fantasy Predictions (W1D1).

These are the games taking place June 3rd:


The Breakdown:

Team SoloMid looks to start the split off better than previous by taking down Counter Logic Gaming. CLG is coming off an insanely impressive run at this years Mid Season Invitational, which they placed 2nd, even taking a game off world champions SKT. With zero roster changes, CLG is fully confident in their ability to dominate this split… as they should be. TSM on the other hand struggled during the Spring Split. Failing to find any synergy with botlane Doublelift and YellowStar, the team has brought in Biofrost to fill the support role. While many fans are excited by this, I am just not convinced that this is the change that will help TSM improve this split.

The second match of the day is one that fans should take a close look at. New to the league scene, Team Envy looks to make their debut against improved NRG Esports. We are seeing two brand new rosters come face to face and it will be interesting to see how they perform on the big stage.

Picking your lineup

It is important to note that these games are BO3, meaning consistency is key for your roster. These picks are made with AlphaDraft users in mind – focusing highly on the salary cap. Test your own skills out on (with both free and paid entry tournaments!).

Top Lane – All eyes are on Quas when it comes to the toplane, with Darshan being a close second. However for this position, I actually believe Seraph would be a wise choice. Seraph is the cheapest toplane going for $7000 today. Based off the latter half of last split, Seraph is able to go off – and against a new roster he might just do that. For the price, I rank him at number one. However Quas and Darshan are very solid choices as well, but if you want one of these picks you will have to budget around them. Stay away from Hauntzer. TSM’s inconsistency is always a fear come the start of the split – and with a new BO3 format he is not worth the risk.

Jungle – Santorin currently has the highest kill participation percentage going into this split and while he is a top choice, in my lineup I chose Xmithie who has shown incredible improvement recently and is a cheaper option. I personally would stay away from Procxin who can be overly aggressive and extend too much.

Mid lane For Midlane I chose GBM, who currently is the highest costing midlaner. GBM has shown incredible potential and with a new talented roster behind him he should be able to rake in the Fantasy points. I avoided Huhi and Bjergsen as that matchup presents difficulties to both parties and I found it best to stay away from that.

ADC – Here I took Stixxay who showed up huge on the international stage. I avoided Doublelift who has to work with yet another new support.

Support – For support I took no other than the Kiwi himself. Aphromoo is  also another solid choice as always, but I opted for the cheaper option as I feel both will perform well. I avoided Biofrost who is making his debut for TSM.

FLEX Many times winning on AlphaDraft comes down to your flex pick. That is why I took AD Carry OHQ who I believe will be able to achieve a lot of points with NRG Esport’s current roster. Having an ADC flex is a wise choice as ADC and Mid lane tend to earn the most points.

Team – I took the more expensive choice here with CLG. Counter Logic Gaming is fairly decent when it comes to objective control, and against TSM I believe they have the advantage.

Final Roster


In my opinion, this is the strongest possible roster to have going into today’s matchups. Obviously things change, and with new and improved rosters it is hard to fully predict the future. However based on previous knowledge I expect each one of these players (and team) to have an above average performance… at least in comparison to their counterpart.