Last week, a post regarding a skirmish between Fnatic and H2k reached the front page on Reddit. Even if the two lineups were featuring the two “new” entries for both teams (Bora “YellOwStaR” Kim and Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek), that was not what caught everyone’s attention: it was instead Lee “Spirit” Da-yoon’s pick, Lulu.

Lulu has been historically one of the most flexible picks in LoL, being able to cover top, mid AND support position since the end of season 3 up until now, a feat shared with only a couple of champions (Morgana, Karma and Kennen are the ones that come to my mind first, but none of them was so reliable in every role), but what if this weren’t even her final form?

One could argue that one single game doesn’t matter that much, but apparently Spirit is really picking up the champion in his dynamicQ games, as you may notice from his match history, and it was also picked by Matthew “Impaler” Taylor (Fnatic Academy) during the EU CS qualifier. Despite the loss, the pick really showed off and won a 1v1 against one of the best dueling junglers, Nidalee.

But what does make this pick viable?

Lulu is a utiliy based champion, so she can be really good with only a little income (as in the jungle role). While her laning is really safe, she’s still susceptible to ganks and she does not really offer a carry-worthy output of damage in the later stages of the game. In the jungle, Lulu still gets a decent amount of gold and can help with her utility every single lane on the map without sacrificing pressure in another lane. Moreover, her clear is pretty good even before getting the Runic Echoes because of her empowered autos, her shield and the fact that she’s ranged (and can so kite the camps). Another aspect that may be overlooked is the fact that Lulu has wave clear (even more so with Echoes), something that most junglers (besides Gragas) don’t have and so she does provide her team another asset in situations of splitpush and more freedom in picks and bans (Fizz, Kassadin and Leblanc are much more viable if you have a reliable waveclear in your team).

The downsides are that while her clear is good it’s not the greatest early on and you need to have another reliable way of engaging as she doesn’t provide any.

While I’m not saying that Lulu will be the next pick or ban champion in your SoloQ games, she may be a viable option if your teamcomp need a supportive jungler with some sort of waveclear, also considering that the top-notch junglers at the moment are getting nerfed in 6.11.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games