Albus NoX Luna is without a doubt the biggest surprise of Worlds so far. The Wildcard team, which came into Worlds almost guaranteed by most experts to finish at the bottom of the group, was able to defeat the tough competition in Group A in order to advance to the quarterfinals as the second seed. One big reason was due to their jungler, Alexander “PvPStejos” Glazkov. Over the course of seven games, he was able to participate in first blood in all but one of them.

Starting off with what is essentially a one-kill lead in each game helped Albus NoX to defeat every opponent in their group at least once, though they fell to Korean champions ROX Tigers in the tiebreaker game to determine which team took first in the group.

PvPStejos was also able to translate his kill lead into a gold lead, with an average advantage of 250 gold at ten minutes each game. His work also shows itself in the gold differences of his mid laner,┬áMichael “Kira” Garmash who also was up 166 gold on the opposing player at ten minutes.

PVPStejos’ 69.5% kill participation also ranked top for his team.

In order to advance to the semifinals, Albus NoX will face a hard matchup against any one of the top seeded teams from other groups. However, if PvPStejos continues to give them an advantage early in the game, they may just be able to make it through.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games