With a few months left of ranked and worlds on the horizon. People are queuing up and trying to get Gold or higher. This list is not meant for you Plat+ players, This is for the lower elo players looking to climb. Lets give a Quick rundown of our Solo Queue heroes for this patch.

Top: Irelia, Darius, and Gangplank are still the best picks. There’s been some Ryze and Swain picks do fairly well when AP Top is needed. You should stick to these champs for climbing.

Jungle: I feel like tanks are doing amazing at the moment. You should stick with team fight and CC based tanks. These are Amumu, Sejauni, and Zac. Hecarim is also insanely strong at the moment. These champs provide Good damage, Excellent CC and the clear speeds are pretty good.

Mid: Annie, Viktor, and Katarina. These champs are fairly easy. All three can do massive damage. Annie has her stuns, Viktor has good AOE, also his kit just seems so well rounded. And Katarina is able to Shunpo to anything, making her hard to catch sometimes, in addition she is also able to do amazing damage.

ADC: Ashe, Sivir, and Caitlyn. Seems like these three are the most played at the moment. Ashe and Sivir provide great utility for the team. Caitlyn has great range. Her traps and and nets provide mild CC while giving you a headshot proc. Also her ult can either net you some kills at the end of a fight or finish off that ADC or Support.

Support: Sona, Soraka, Blitzcrank. Even with the Sona nerfs it seems like she is still doing pretty well. She is an easy champion to learn and she provides anything your Adc and team woud need. Soraka is for the situations where your not so sure how to play vs the matchup. Blitzcrank is when your looking to go all in and most of all, get the lead early.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Top Lane – Fiora/Gnar
  • Jungle – Kha’zix
  • Mid – Taliyah
  • ADC – Jhin
  • Support – Bard

These champs are here because even though the are great right now, they are not the easiest to learn. If you are more experienced with these champs, I feel they are just as good as the ones I mentioned before. Most likely these champs are not suited for you average bronze silver player. Some of them do take a little more skill. If you feel there’s something missing here let me know.

Also: what champion do you wish was in meta right now?