A few shake-ups are sure to disturb the meta environment at this year’s World Championship, compared to the playoff run the teams had.

Toplane: GNAR

Gnar, Gankplank and Shen all got nerfed. The toplane tank Yasuo which terrified soloQ is also nerfed too so maybe it’s time for Kennen to shine.


On 6.15 we had 3 dominant junglers in Rek’sai, Gragas and Elise, and sometime Nidalee – although mostly in Korea.

Gragas and Rek’sai were pretty much gutted in the patches following the playoffsm so other picks will have a chance to shine: Zac and Skarner – his soloQ winrate is amazing right now, and Ambition played him in a lose-and-go-home situation form Samsung Galaxy. Perhaps Graves too will reappear in the meta?

Jungle picks however always form a really strong trifecta somehow, so it will be interesting to see how the jungle pool will be shook up.

Midlane: CASSIOPEIA       

Midlane Viktor got a significant nerf in 6.16, and Vladimir will fall off a bit. I think the mid lane meta will merge between regions since Ryze (just watch Exileh) and Kassadin  were mostly played in EU, and Cassiopeia in NA.

Marskman: EZREAL

The 3 playoff trifecta Ashe-Jhin-Sivir got nerfed. While Jhin and Sivir were not affected too hard, Ashe was gutted by multiple nerfs. On the buffs part of things, Ezreal and Jinx got some nice fixesm so expect to see them at Worlds.

Support: BRAUM

Braum was most picked in play-offs followed by Bard and Trundle. Most likely, this trend will continue.


Overall, Gnar, Elise, Cassiopeia, Ezreal, and Braum will most likely be top dogs for their roles.

In conclusion. I would like to add that figuring out the correct meta is going to be amazing for the teams. and the advantage will be obvious for the first week at least.

As always, Worlds will be won through rigorous practice in the month before with the assistance of a strong mental fortitude.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games