This “Quick Guide” articles are designed to help learning those who doesn’t know anything about a champion or even those who are already experimented on that champion and want to get better in a short time.

So, who is Vayne?

Vayne is known as a champion that can single-handedly win team fights and games. But behind that, it requires a high dedication and skill in order to master her.


There’s a big debate between which build is the best while playing Vayne. But first of all, doing either Statikk, Phantom Dancer, or Infinity Edge, is NEVER an option to start, it can work, that’s for sure, but we’re not here to see which option people like, we’re here to take a look at the highest potential builds and best situational builds, cause after all, the build means everything in every game.

We will start off with the best average build and the most common one:

  • BOTRK + PD + IE + Mercurial + Dominik.

It has everything that Vayne needs, DMG, AS, LS, QSS, and AR Penetration. Perfect for any kind of team.

The next build is more about those early tanky teams, where you either build something against them in the early minutes, or at some point it might be too late to stop them.

  • Youmuu + PD + IE + Mercurial + Dominik.

You can either change the order of the last 3 items between the things your need at the moment, if its +DMG, +Armor Penetration or QSS.

And so we jump in what i think it is the last possible Vayne build that is actually competitive and has more strong points than weaker ones, the Guinsoo build. This one has 2 possible builds, both starting with Guinsoo’s.

  • Guinsoo + PD + BT/IE + Mercurial + Dominik/Reminder

  • Guinsoo + BOTRK + RFirecannon + IE + Mercurial.

The point of the Guinsoo build is similar to the Youmuu’s build. You will be able to take down tanky enemies in the early game, and destroy the weaker ones, but this build is actually focused on large team fights, where you will have time to charge Guinsoo and then take enemies one by one, but the main issue of this build is not having this large duration team fights and not being able to keep this item stacked for the whole time.

Mechanics and play style:

You can either be a easy target on team fights or be a killing machine. Both of those things can be decisive in every action you make. A bad positioning, the wrong target or just a Q into a bad position can easily lead you to die in matter of seconds.

“A killing machine or a good ADC is not the one who kills more people in less time, is the one who times every action and look at the vulnerability of their enemies every second and act against them.”

The position in every team fight is crucial. You have to cover behind your team all the times, independently if you have a good front-line or you don’t.

Always attack the enemy that is CLOSER to you, since most of the people thinks that Vayne is a problem each team fight so its logical that they will all-in you or at least try to. That’s why you’re positioning behind your team and wait for them to come, since, if you don’t, and go ham against their team, it would pretty easy to hunt you, unless your skill is extremely good and you’re able to juke half of their team and kill the other half, thing that i suppose you cant do since you’re looking at this article.

The masteries and runes are the common ADC ones.

  • Runes: 9AD Marks, 9AR Seals, 9MR Glyphs and 3AS Quintessences.

  • Masteries: 18 Ferocity / 12 Cunning. Change between “Double Edged Sword” or “Feast” depending on how confident you are. As always, fervor.

Feel free to share your builds and thoughts about Vayne in the comments.

Photo courtesy of RIOT Games.