Hi! My summoner name is TwinkieSavior on the NA server and my favorite champion is Braum. I currently have 94k mastery, am ranked in Plat V (I dont play ranked often, so think more plat 2-1) and of course, have that sweet level 7 in-game emote.mastery screenshot

You may be looking at this guide for a couple of reasons: One, you want to learn an easy support for whenever you get stuck in the bot lane next time you queue up. Two, you actually main support (people main support?) and would like to increase your champion pool, or three, you saw me shamelessly promoting my guide somewhere and decided to give me a chance.

So without further ado, lets get right into it!



The most basic part to start playing any champion at a high level is having a set rune page. It’s not required, but having the right runes can mean the difference between life and death for you and your enemy. For anyone that thinks they’ll only play Braum on occasion, I would recommend only using this page: 9 flat armor marks, 9 flat health seals, 9 flast magic resist glyphs, and 3 flat armor Quints.

basic runes

It’s the prefect balance of armor/magic resist, and the flat health runes help with early survival as well as damage on Q (which scales with health). I would also recommend these next two pages to anyone who may consider maining Braum, or having him in a champ pool of 3-4.

Against AP heavy team compositions: 9 Flat magic resist marks, 9 flat health seals, 6 CDR glyphs, 3 flat magic resist glyphs, and 3 magic resist Quints. I use CDR mainly because I want to have more utility in place of the missing armor. (be careful trading in minions with this page, less armor = more minion damage)

heavy AP

Against AD heavy team compositions: 9 flat armor marks, 9 flat health seals, 9 CDR glyphs, and 3 armor Quints. Similar to the AP heavy page, we replace the missing defense with CDR.

AD heavy


Masteries are fairly simple on Braum, so simple in fact, I use this page for almost every tank support. The only thing I would consider changing is Insight over Perseverance. If you’re confident in your laning, take Insight, if not, Perseverance.

bold braum masteries

Skill Order:

Like almost any other champ in League, you want to max Q first. The only other time you should be maxing another ability first is when the enemy team has multiple champions that can get on your AD easily, which would prompt a W max. Since Braum’s release, his nerfs have mainly been to his Q (maybe all of them), this includes Q width and Q damage. I still max Q because having it do damage on top of applying the passive can help in bursting down an important target. So the order is Q-W-E and  then R at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Summoner Spells:

Take flash and exhaust every time.



Braum’s build is 9 out of 10 times the same for the first 3 items, then you have to improvise. The first three items are almost always Sightstone – Mobility Boots – Locket of the Iron Solari with your starting item (Relic Shield) un-upgraded. It’s also preferable to upgrade to the Ruby Sightstone before moving on to the rest of the build. After these three items you should look at their team’s damage out-putters and decide whether you want a Randuins, Frozen Heart, Banshees etc… I would recommend upgrading the starting item fully after your fourth item. The last two items are completely up to you, whatever the situation calls for, it will work on Braum.

An example of a full build:

Boots_of_Mobility_itemFace_of_the_Mountain_itemRuby_Sightstone_itemLocket_of_the_Iron_Solari_itemBanshee's_Veil_item   Frozen_Heart_item


Now time to get into the gameplay portion of the guide, were I can really flex my Freljord muscles. In lane Braum excels at early trading. After you take a point in Q and E, your ADC should end up with more health than the opponent after every trade (unless you play with boosted monkeys like me). To maximize trade efficiency, you need to recognize when a trade between carries is about to go down. 9 times out of 10, a trade will happen over CS. So if you see the enemy carry go for a CS, try to tag them with a Q, then wait to throw up your E in front of your carry until they have decided whether to commit to the trade or not. If your Q misses, back away, that will never end well.

If you’re playing against a carry or support with skill shots used to poke in lane, learn the enemies pattern so you can block with E or sidestep. A good rule of thumb is to retreat to your minion wave when you either A.) lose vision of said champ with skillshot or B.) see them running to the edge of the wave to line up a shot on you or your carry.

If you successfully push the enemy bot lane out of lane by either killing them or getting them low enough to recall, signal to your ADC that you want to push the wave into their turret so they lose experience and gold from your minions dying, then recall.

For warding, I would recommend buying a pink on every back, maybe even 2 pinks if your team is ahead. Ward the tri bush as often as possible and ward the river or the river bush whenever you are pushed up enough for a gank to be a threat. The pink wards you buy should be going in the tri bush or dragon if your team decides to do it.

Mid-Late Game:

After laning phase, your main job is to protect your AD and help set up fights. So make it a habit to stay about 3 seconds away from your carry UNLESS they are farming bot lane. In that case, leave them alone or ward the jungle above/below them to give them safety even if you aren’t there.


In teamfights, you want to tag as many people as possible with your passive by either auto attacking or q-ing while also using you ult and e to peel divers off of your precious little bundle of joy (ADC). Be sure to exhaust huge damage dealers when possible and prioritize important targets with your passive so your team can burst them down and create an advantage. Sometimes it’s necessary to exhaust tanks to lower their armor and magic resistance but I wouldn’t normally do this.

Well, that’s the basics of Braum, I guarantee if you follow this guide and have an open mind you will make it to at least Platinum (seriously, anyone can get to Plat, have you seen my teammates?)

P.S The best Braum skin is the classic skin, SO CRISP.