EDG vs INTZ at the 2016 World Championship - Group Stage at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California, USA on 7 October 2016.


Rox Tigers vs Edward Gaming

The Tigers have had some sloppy and outright poor early games this worlds championship having a negative GD-15 in most of them. EDG on the other hand did not look like the perfect LPL team either. Nobody expected Albus NoX and even CLG to defeat ROX, or for H2K and Pain to down the number 1 Chinese seed. One of these teams will show up – but I’m afraid due to Mouse’s family emergency we will not be getting the great game everyone was expecting.

The biggest breaking point of the series is in the Tong “Koro1” Yang vs. Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho match-up. Their impact will mostly be measured in plays around the map, and that is much more a team call rather than individual performance. Remember that Ekko, Gangplank and even Shen got heavily nerfed and it shifted the meta away from top lane performances. However, this still means Smeb can easily win the lane, but not carry as hard as before the nerfs. The possibility of lane swaps makes it that EDG cannot hide the obvious weakness in Koro1.

Time and time again it was obvious that Clearlove has to be on a jungler with a lot of ganking potential… otherwise EDG falls flat on their faces.

On the other side of the jungle is Yoon “Peanut” Wang-ho. He came to the team in the spring season and instantly clicked with this roster. His aggressive invades help release pressure on the ROX laners. In a meta of strong carry junglers (Kindred, Graves, Hecarim) his ability to counter-jungle and his use of Skirmisher’s Sabre has lead his to success. Those days, however, are gone, and his superiority has fallen off. Not to say he isn’t a fantastic jungler, he is just nowhere near his unstoppable form in early summer.

Lee “Scout” Ye-chan has an edge over Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng in terms of laning. It will be interesting to see if they throw a curve ball with Cry. Cry improves their laning phase but Kuro adds to mid-game decision making and flows better with the team.

The botlanes seem rather equal, maybe a small advantage in favor of EDG’s botlane. Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu and Kim “Pray” Jong-in are clearly top 5 when it comes to ADCs this worlds, and so are their supports. If there is one takeaway from the SKT – RNG series that is Zyra’s priority pick for supports.

How EDG wins: If Koro1 can hold his own against Smeb and Clearlove steps up in a BO5 series.

How tigers win: Peanut out jungles Cl and Kuro neutralizes Scout and Smeb bodies Koro.

Prediction: Initially I had EDG winning a hard fought 3-2 series based on EDG’s prowess to contain Smeb. With Mouse gone however, it will be a breeze for ROX to snowball top into a toplaner who did not play since the spring finals. ROX – EDG 3-1

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.