Ambition is one reason why Samsung Galaxy is at the top of Group D at the end of the first week.
Ambition is one reason why Samsung Galaxy is at the top of Group D at the end of the first week.

After one week of Worlds, a picture of the best and worst teams is starting to form. The squads that surpassed expectations are looking forwards to fighting for a spot in the quarterfinals, while others are facing three must-win games next week.

Group D was termed by many to be one of the toughest heading into Worlds. With strong teams from Korea, China, and North America, it has lived up to its reputation.

Samsung Galaxy: Winner

Though many predicted Samsung Galaxy to make it through the group stage, not many thought that they would have a chance to challenge for the first seed. Though they did lose a match to TSM that was probably too easy for the NALCS team, they came back the next night to demolish RNG in thirty-two minutes. After subbing in for ‎Kwon “Wraith Ji-min, Jo “Core JJ” Yong-in was able to make an immediate impact by not dying against RNG’s famed botlane while racking up thirteen assists. Their game against TSM next week will probably decide the group, assuming both teams win out.

Team SoloMid: Winner

TSM was predicted as the group winner almost unanimously before the tournament, and they have mostly lived up to that title. However, their dropped game to RNG on the first night of Worlds left them tied with Samsung and the Chinese side at the top of the group. Once they fully regain the teamwork that was present in the NA LCS playoffs, they should be able to take out RNG and will be forced into a tough match against SSG.

Royal Never Give Up: Even

It’s hard to pin down where things stand for RNG. On one hand, they were able to defeat TSM in a game that was not as close as many thought it would be. However, they were later taken apart by SSG in much the same manner. They still control their own destiny in the group, but RNG will have to face a more experienced TSM and the same SSG that they lost to in the second week.

Splyce: Loser

Splyce was the odd man out in a group of heavyweights from other regions. Though they did have a very close game against TSM that could have gone either way, they dropped two others convincingly to better teams. They would have to win all of their games and receive help from the other teams to have a chance of making it into quarterfinals.

Group D will resume play on Saturday to determine which teams make it into the quarterfinals.