Deft’s amazing performances so far in the split helped EDG to go 8-0 over in the LPL / © Riot Games

Following last week’s rankings, I come back to update my list of the world’s 15 best teams at the moment, following a considerably “shorter” week of competitive play around the globe, which saw only 4 series over in South Korea, and no games played in the LCK and the LMS at all, meaning that the EU & NA LCS were responsible for most changes in this week’s rankings.

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1 – EDward Gaming (+1)

Record last week: 0-0; overall in the LPL: 8-0

EDGEDward Gaming climbs to first in this week’s rankings, despite not playing last week in the LPL (the very good performance at the Demacia Cup, which included a penta-kill by Ming “Clearlove” Kai, had much less effect at the team’s, or at other Chinese team’s, position than the LPL normally has).

Looking to defend their perfect record so far in the Summer Split, EDG heads back to the Rift on Saturday to play against Team WE.

2 – ROX Tigers (+1)

Record last week: 0-0 ; overall in the LCK: 7-2

ROX_TigersAnother team that didn’t need to do much – in this case, nothing at all – in order to climb this week, ROX Tigers is another beneficiary of SK Telecom’s poor form in the recent weeks. But the team’s recent showings prove that the Tigers fully deserve to be considered one of, if not the best Korean team right now.

This week however is of vital importance for ROX Tigers, as they look to prove that they are indeed Korea’s best as they face SKT on Thursday, and the Jin Air Greenwings two days later.

3 – SK Telecom T1 (-2)

Record last week: 0-1; overall in the LCK: 6-3

SKT1Another loss against a mid-tier team and SK Telecom T1 leave first place for the very first time in this split. And once more, the entirety of SKT looked bad, even at their win in game two against ESC Ever, marked for sub-par plays and plenty of mistakes. The deficiencies shown by the team couldn’t have come at a worst time, as SK Telecom prepares to face this week probably their two main rivals for the Korean crown, ROX Tigers and KT Rolster.

A 2-0 week would obviously nullify the team’s past performances almost completely, but a potential 0-2 – which honestly, looks at moment more realistic than a 2-0 – could lead SKT to a downward spiral hard to get off from, even for a team with their caliber.

4 – Team SoloMid (+1)

Record last week: 2-0 ; overall in the NA LCS: 10-0

TSM LogoTeam SoloMid were, until yesterday’s series versus Counter Logic Gaming, set to 5th place for the second week in a row. But I simply couldn’t do that. Yes, CLG is struggling a lot, but the way TSM are dominating most of their games, showing in the process a flawless coordination and execution, which, allied to the 5 players’ individual talent, transform the team in a true machine, had enormous weight in my decision to move Team SoloMid one position up.

On this Friday against Cloud9, TSM will look to once more rectify their status as one of the best Western teams of the past years, who are on a seemingly unstoppable way towards a perfect 18-0 split.

5 – Royal Never Give Up (-1)

Record last week: 0-0 ; overall in the LPL: 7-1

Royal_Never_Give_UpOne of the “victims” of this last week of inactivity over in the LPL, Royal Never Give Up lost one position this week, thanks to good performances by Team SoloMid (once again).

After going 5-1 in the Demacia Cup Group Stage, and qualifying for the Semi-Finals to face off EDward Gaming after handily defeating Team WE 3-0, Royal has two hard match-ups this week: both Snake and Game Talents hold a 5-3 record, and are currently fighting to be considered China’s third best team – meaning that both will come with blood in their eyes to take down Royal.

6 – Flash Wolves (-)

Record last week: 0-0-0 ; overall in the LMS: 5-0-0


Like in the LPL, the LMS took a break last week, and the Flash Wolves kept the position their had in the previous rankings.

The team will most likely have very few problems this week as they face off  Machi E-sports in order to continue their journey of complete dominance over in the LMS.

7- KT Rolster (+1)

Record last week: 1-1 ; overall in the LCK: 7-3

KT_Rolster“In a series marked by technical issues, pauses and a very long game one, KT Rolster defeated on Tuesday a struggling Jin Air Greenwings 2-1 in order to move for the very first time to the top 5 in these Power Rankings.”

That is how I planned to start the part about KT… but earlier today, the Afreeca Freecs had other plans, and defeated KT Rolster 2-1, with game three being marked by a clean ace at the 28th minute mark in favor of the Freecs, which completely changed the history of the series.

KT however, don’t have much time to lament: on Saturday they finish the week against SK Telecom T1, and will be looking to show that today’s defeat was only a minor setback for team who has been performing on a very high level over the past weeks.

8 – Immortals (+1)

Record last week: 2-0 ; overall in the NA LCS: 9-1

Immortals LogoA very good week for the NA LCS’ second best team. Not only they won both of their series, against Apex and Cloud9, but they manage to convince even the most pessimist that North America can and should be able to reach Worlds with at least two strong teams representing the region.

The victory against Apex on Saturday was exemplary, a textbook how to beat lower seeded rivals: not stellar, but very controlled, not giving the opposition tools to work with and completely dominating the map. But yesterday’s series against Cloud9 showed me that the Immortals can reach far in case they qualify for the World Championship: a very methodical and smooth win in game one was followed by a complete and utter obliteration of Cloud9 in game two. Yes, Immortals did look complacent for several minutes starting around the 20th minute mark, and almost paid for it, but the way C9, a respected side with a strong roster, was dismantled, truly impressed me.

We shall see and confirm this week against Team EnVyUs and Team Liquid whether my words were or were not exaggerated, but for now, lets celebrate this Immortals team, who probably, in all 7 NA LCS splits so far, would have been leading the league with ease.

9 – Samsung Galaxy (-1)

Record last week: 0-0 ; overall in the LCK: 6-3

Samsung_GalaxyAnother Korean team that didn’t play last week, Samsung Galaxy still is looking to get back to the start of the split’s form, following inconsistent performances in the past weeks.

And the perfect opportunity lies ahead this week, against mid-table teams ESC Ever and Longzhu Gaming.

10 – G2 Esports (+2)

Record last week: 1-1-0 ; overall in the EU LCS: 5-5-0

300px-G2_Esportslogo_squareEurope’s sole team here this week, G2 Esports regained possession of first place in the EU LCS after handily defeating Fnatic, but, despite a good showing in the bloody game two against Origen on Friday, showed once more signs of instability during the loss in the long game one, which saw Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen beating the world’s CS record, with 946 (!).

At the end, G2’s performance this week was enough for them to regain a spot in the top 10, mainly thanks to the relatively inactivity last week in the other major regions, but there is still a lot of work to be done before G2 are able to challenge the best the rest of the world has to offer.

11 – Jin Air Green Wings (-1)

Record last/this week: 0-1; overall in the LCK: 5-4

JinAirThe famous Jin Air Green Wings’ mid season collapse seems to be underway. The loss against KT Rolster last Tuesday means that the team now are in fifth place, with the same amount of wins of the Afreeca Freecs… 2 weeks ago they were tied with SK Telecom T1 for first. Nevertheless, the team lost only one position in the Power Rankings, thanks to the inactivity last week in the other regions.

But, if Jin Air manages to lose against the 1-8 CJ Entus on Wednesday, we will probably not be seeing them here next week at all.

12 – I May (+2)

Record last week: 0-0 ; overall in the LPL: 5-3

I_MayI guess we can affirm that this was a good week for the former sister team of EDward Gaming. Helped by both Fnatic’s and Cloud9’s 0-2 week over in the EU and NA LCS respectively, I May climbs to 12th place this week following the week-off in the LPL.

The team had a good showing last week at the Demacia Cup (who again, had a significantly lower impact at any Chinese team’s placement this week) , managing to take a game from Royal Never Give Up in order to finish second with a 5-1 record, and then beating LSPL side Legend Dragon 3-0 in order to qualify to the Semi-Finals. This can only be interpreted as good signs for the remainder of the Regular Season.

I May play only one series this week, on Friday against a sub-par Invictus Gaming side, a series they should be able to walk away with a comfortable win.

13 – Ahq e-Sports Club (+2)

Record last week: 0-0-0 ; overall in the LMS: 3-0-1

I hope ahq used the week off well, as they are going to face this week their closest contenders for the LMS’ second seed at the World Championship, J Team and Hong Kong Esports. The latter, despite struggling of late, still is one of the biggest strengths in the region, while the former, who acquired the roster (and spot) from none other than the Taipei Assassins, season 2 World Champions, started the split strong, and are still to lose a series.

If ahq manages to survive this true trial by fire, the team’s chances to attend yet another Worlds will be looking even better.

14 – J Team (NEW)

Record last week: 0-0-0 ; overall in the LMS: 3-1-0

J_TeamAs I mentioned above, J Team acquired the LMS spot and the roster of the legendary Taipei Assassins, meaning now that players like Chang “BeBe” Bo-Wei and Chen “Morning” Kuan-Ting defend the colors of the organization owned by Taiwanese popstar Jay Chou.

This short introduction of J Team was kind of needed, as I expect the team to be an usual presence in these Power Rankings from now on, especially if they manage to defeat ahq e-Sports Club this Saturday. With 10 points after 4 series (7-1 game record, only loss in week one to  Machi E-Sports), the team looks hungry to challenge ahq and the rest of the league for second place.

Keep an eye on them.

15 –  Snake eSports (NEW)

Record last week: 0-0 ; overall in the LPL: 5-3

Snake_eSportsSnake eSports is one of the four teams with a 5-3 over in the LPL, but their good performance at the Demacia Cup earned them a place in this week’s rankings – the only team whose placement was directly affected by the Cup’s results, by the way.

But they fully deserve it. Jungler Lê “SofM” Quang Duy is simply a beast (despite still showing signs of pure inexperience), with top laner Li “Flandre” Xuan-jun and mid laner Park “TANK” Dan-won backing the talented Vietnamese up.

This Saturday against Royal Never Give Up, Snake will try to prove that they are here to stay.

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    Stopped reading when TSM was ranked higher than RNG and KT… TSM is a decent team in a garbage region…