Team EnVyUs squares off versus the undefeated TSM this Sunday. It would be foolish to predict anything other than a TSM victory. However, never say it is over until it is indeed over as Team EnVyUs still has a chance of winning, no matter how small. Team EnVyUs might have an avenue or two that could propel them to a huge upset win over TSM.

The first thing I recommend for Team EnVyUs is to bring the heat. If you want to just sit back during the games and farm TSM will not warrant you to. While you are situated snugly under your tower, you will suddenly be dived by three to five members of TSM. Although it might seem preposterous to play versus TSM at their own game, it is better to have a five percent or ten percent chance of winning over a zero chance of winning and being systematically demolished by their aggressive shot-calling. If Team EnVyUs brings the heat there is one lane in particular they should deliver it to.

The thought of Team EnVyUs snowballing through the Mid or Top lane seem unimaginable, considering how dominant Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell and Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg are so far in the split. Instinctively, that leaves one lane left. Benjamin “LOD” deMunck has really stepped up lately, and has been picking up the slack left from Noh “Ninja” Geon-woo. Ninja has been getting caught out and has been making dubious decisions at critical points in the game. Thankfully for him, LOD has managed to step up and carry him through the last few weeks. I have no intentions of saying LOD is better than Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, but it is hard to win a game of League of Legends without winning a single lane. If Team EnVyUs uses teleports from Ninja or Shin “Seraph” Woo-yeong, while utilizing ganks from Kim “Procxin” Se-young, then maybe an opportunity will present, and they will be able to find a crack in TSM’s armor.

In the pick and ban phase, Team EnVyUs should look into using targeted bans when they are first pick. Although unlikely, this could allow Vladimir to fall through the cracks during the ban phase and grant Ninja safety in the midlane from what would be an onslaught of tower dives. They also should look into prioritizing Zilean as a way to elevate LOD and give him the tools needed to carry the game. A champion that is good at flanking or engaging should be the right fit for Seraph, as a teleport play in the botlane could be one of the few routes to victory. As for which champions they should play in the botlane I would just say they have to make sure they secure a winning lane matchup. They might want to prioritize a lane bully ad carry high in the draft and then save the support to counter pick so they can try to get a favorable lane matchup. It doesn’t sound great but they just have to hope Ninja and Seraph can find a way to make it through the laning phase without much help. Warding their own jungle will be fundamental for Ninja and Seraph to be able to spot TSM moving through Team EnVyUs’s jungle for dives.

Team EnVyUs have their work carved out for them versus TSM. To win they are going to have to start a bloodbath and hope that they can rise up and beat TSM at their own game. Otherwise they will just end up becoming yet another victim to the monster that is TSM.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games