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Happy 4th of July weekend to everybody! Due to some tech issues on my end, and the holiday weekend, I cannot promise that day 3 will be released this week unfortunately. There will still be content coming from me however, as some very special things are in the works!

Before we move onto day 2 predictions I would like to take a quick moment to talk about AlphaDraft’s latest contest. AlphaDraft is giving fans a chance at $15,000 and an all expense paid trip to the world finals in LA on October 6th. All you have to do to participate is signup and enter into their $10 qualifiers for both EU and NA, or you can pay using previously won WFEC tickets. Don’t win the grand prize? No worries, in this tournament you are battling for your share of $50,000 in total prizes. Qualifiers take place each week for both EU and NA LCS.



The Breakdown



Starting us off on NALCS1 is NRG Esports vs. Counter Logic Gaming. Currently CLG is just ahead of NRG in the standings, sitting at 7th place. This split so far has been unimpressive for both organizations, but more so for CLG who came back from MSI with a second place trophy. In week 4 we saw CLG fall to second place IMT which came as no surprise. They finished week 4 picking up another win against last place Phoenix 1.

NRG Esports is having a rough first half of the split as well. They started week 4 with a win against Phoenix 1 and ended with a tough loss against Cloud9. While both these organizations have struggled for the first half, I believe it is essentially we recognize their tough schedule to start.

All that being said I would be a fool to say that NRG has a chance at taking down CLG. Counter Logic Gaming is not only the better team on paper, but the better team in practice as well. The current CLG roster has played a ton with each other and the team synergy is through the roof. Take a look at Aphromoo and Stixxay in comparison to NRG’s KiwiKid and OHQ. Aphromoo and Stixxay work extremely well together and it is very visible. They play aggressive yet they do so in a very smart manner. In teamfight’s Stixxay knows the best position to be and often is in that spot. On the other hand their seems to still be some communication parts on not only NRG’s botlane but with the whole team. I’m not sure I can confidently recommend any NRG players at this point in time… at least for this match-up.

For CLG the best Fantasy picks are going to be: Stixxay, Huhi, and Xmithie

P1 vs. TSM

P1 < TSM

For anyone who has tuned in for even one week of NALCS this week the answer is very clear here. TSM is currently undefeated standing with 8 wins thus far, while P1 still looks to pick up their very first win. Unfortunately for them it is unlikely that the team manages to upset TSM. The current P1 roster is a rushed one (after having such a short period of time to put it together) and while watching them play it is clear they need to make some changes. Avoid P1 picks please… at all cost especially today.

For TSM the best Fantasy picks are: Bjergsen, Biofrost, Doublelift

Personally I would also add Hauntzer to this list. The only bad part of stacking TSM players for this series is that it is most likely to be a 2-0 meaning that points might be limited in comparison to a series that makes it to game 3.

IMT vs. Apex


I think that Apex is a solid middle of the pack team with a chance to be much more with just a little bit more experience together as a unit in the LCS. I think IMTs are the favored team when it comes down to this match-up currently. I predict this game going to a game 3, with IMT dropping either the first or second match.

For APX the players to have are: Keane, Apollo, Ray *And Xpecial if you need a support*

For IMT the players to have are: Reignover, Pobelter, Huni

TL vs. NV


This match-up is probably the most interesting one of the day in my opinion and many might disagree with my favored pick.

There are a lot of people on the NV hype train, especially after their dominating start to their NA LCS careers. NV was undefeated for only 2 weeks this split, taking their first lost to IMT in week 3. Since then they have taken 2 more losses, one to C9 and the other to first place undefeated TSM. NV is currently on a downward spiral, as they are slowly beginning to show weakness against these top tier NA teams.

Liquid has had sort of the opposite effect. They started out the split very rough. In week 3 the organization decided to give the starting ADC spot to Fabbbyyy (for an undisclosed amount of time). Since that change TL has been on an upward trend, winning 3 out of their 4 match-ups. That one loss was to IMT.

While NV picked up a win against TL early on, that was at a time when Dardoch was not even in the starting lineup. Today, TL will have both Fabbbyyy taking over for Piglet and Dardoch – who are both on an upward trend.

That being said this match-up is no free win and TL is going to work for it. I predict we see another game 3 here.

For NV the players you want are: LOD, Procxin, and maybe Seraph

For TL the players you want are: Fabbbyyy, Dardoch, Fenix


That is all for today’s matches. Again I apologize for a different format and a possible lack of D3 coverage. Other articles by me will be coming out, due to technical issues on my end making these Fantasy breakdowns are a bit tougher for the time being. That being said they should resume to normal very soon – with a 100% improved format that will include a more analysis focused section. Make sure to stay up to date on everything I post by following me on twitter! Make sure to stay up to date on everything on SplitPush by signing up for our newsletter, believe me you do not want to miss what is next!