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That is out of the way now, let us move onto day 2!



The Break Down

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Immortals                                                                             Favored: Immortals (Highly Favored)                                                                        Kill Count: Medium – High

CLG is struggling hard. With only 2 wins so far this split they are currently in 7th place behind Apex (who is tied with TL). For whatever reason CLG is not performing nearly to the level they did at MSI – and while I expect them to recover in time for the playoffs, today is not going to be the day they do so.

Immortals on the other hand is also not playing as well as they did (last split), but they’re still getting wins – just not as clean as one would like. Most people, including me, expect IMT to take this series 2-0.

 I have the Kill Count prediction for this series as Medium – High. Since CLG is starting to gain some traction, there’s a chance that they put up a fight – thus creating a higher kill potential. However CLG has had some low kill games this split which is why I am slightly caution – but IMT on the other hand usually likes to make games bloody.

IMT Picks

  1. Huni – Huni has a 68% KP and his aggressive playstyle has punished him a lot more then the previous season. He’s going against Darshan who likes to farm and play rather passively – I think it is likely we see Huni the center of team fights this series and Huni is often the player IMT plays around.
  2. Reignover – is one of the strongest Fantasy Jungles out there right now. With a 4.2 KDA and 76% KP he has been fairly consistent with racking up the points. On top of that he is the most involved member IMT (Highest KP on the team). When IMT picks up the win against CLG – you can bet Reignover was highly involved with the result.
  3. WildTurtle – I’ll be honest, I am not sure how Turtle will do against CLG’s botlane and there is a chance that he is outplayed in the laning porption of the games. But seeing as you only have four teams to choose from (and two of those will be winning teams) Turtle is most likely the strongest ADC pick for today.

Note you are limited to 3 picks per Team on AlphaDraft

Liquid vs. Apex                                                                                                        Favored: Liquid *Upset Alert*                                                                                         Kill Count: Very High

A lot of analysts have Liquid winning this match-up. But almost everyone warns that Apex is not going to be an easy series for Liquid. There is a very high chance that Apex takes the series and for that reason I truly recommend multiple rosters here.

TL Picks

  1. Dardoch – He was not gone for long. Right now we have not seen really too much of a standout performance from him, but he has also managed to consistently stay a strong pick for TL.
  2. Fenix – Low deaths, medium amount of kills and assists. 68% KP. The best of 3 format has definitely improved his worth as he is consistent in picking up a decent amount of kills each game, adding up to a nice sum of FP.
  3. Piglet/Fabbbyyy – Fabbbyyy is most likely to be starting for TL today and from what we have seen TL is very comfortable with this ADC.
  4. Matt – One of the highest KP on Liquid (71%). Matt has had a rough split thus far (all of Liquid has really), but most of that can probably be contributed to getting back into the groove, as well as the schedule TL has had thus far. Anyways his high KP makes him a solid choice in any match-up that TL is favored in.

APX Picks

Since I believe Apex also has a strong chance of winning this I made a second lineup for APX players. Here are my go to Apex players.

  1. Keane – Keane has the highest FPPG then anyone else on Apex. Keane is an absolute terror in the mid lane and if Apex pull off a win against TL, his role in it will be huge. He has a KP of 73% and KDA ratio of 4.9.
  2. Xpecial – With a FPPG currently higher then all star Aphromoo Xpecial has had a very special split thus far. He has a amazing 80% KP and up until recently averages low death counts with high assists.
  3. Apollo – With a support like Xpecial its easy to pull off looking great. But Apollo really is looking on top of his game recently. Taking away the Cloud 9 series, Apollo has one of the lowest death counts of an ADC this split.