Day 2 this week for NA looks pretty straight forward. There are still however some very possible upsets ahead of us and team’s true standings will slowly become more prominent as schedules become increasingly difficult for some, and easier for others/

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Here is today’s schedule:


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The Break Down

Immortals vs. TeamEnvy                                                                                                 Favored: Immortals                                                                                                         Kill Count: High – Very High 

Team Envy has been on fire. They currently sit tied for first place with 4 wins and 0 loses. Well now might be the time to jump off the bandwagon. Immortals have been a little more sloppy this split there is no arguing that. However I believe the skill level is on IMT’s side, as well as the synergy level.

I think this game has a high chance of making it to game 3. The best pick-up for you here is Reignover. Reignover should be able to dismantle and pressure Procxin to the point he is rendered useless. While Procxin has overall improved a ton this split, IMT is arguable the first real threat he will face so far. Procxin’s biggest weakness on TIP was his aggression. If he goes over aggressive, which I suspect he will, IMT will punish that. I’d like to see Reignover on a champion such as Nidalee who can easily takeover the jungle, but either way I expect Reignover to make a huge positive impact. Normally I would always go with Huni but I think Seraph here might give him some serious trouble as Huni also tends to be overly aggressive. Pobelter is my second go to pick here. He has done fairly well Fantasy wise and I think he will also play a big role in this game.

For nV I would go with Seraph. Like I said Huni shares a similar play style to Procxin in the way that he is overly aggressive. Seraph is able to and will certainly take advantage of any over extension of Huni. Besides that I personally would stay away from nV.

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Echo Fox                                                                               Favored: CLG (Highly Favored)                                                                                       Kill Count: Medium – High

CLG has had a rough start to the split. So has Echo Fox however, and CLG has a lot stronger roster. I suspect that this game is a 2-0, although I say that with a little fear as a result of CLG’s shaky first few weeks.

You want Stixxay here. Stixxay is an absolute monster and has continued to earn those Fantasy points even through games they lose. He has a 67% KP but should play a gigantic role in this game against Fox. Aphromoo has really been under performing when it comes to Fantasy points. His high death count average dissuades me from recommending him as a go to despite the easy match-up. Xmithie has had his moments and would not be a completely terrible pick. He currently holds a KDA ratio of 3.1, and a KP percentage of 70. I would avoid Darshan as he is prone to split pushing and that does not make for lots of fantasy points.

Avoid Fox players.

Liquid vs. NRG Esports                                                                                                     Favored: Liquid                                                                                                             Kill Count: High

Normally I would say this is highly favored for Liquid. However their performance has been somewhat questionable. NRG is on the same page with an absolutely terrible start to the LCS. However there was a little light shown last week for NRG, but I fear it will not be enough to take on Liquid today.

Piglet is benched for the start of today’s games. Fabbbyyy should be able to fill in fairly well but avoid picking him right now for Fantasy. Lourlo is a really good pick and he should have no issue taking on Quas. Fenix has been performing pretty well himself and I think all eyes are on him and Dardoch for making this win happen.

For NRG if they win it will be a result of Santorin and GBM. GBM has often been the reason NRG makes it to game 3 and he is consistently doing huge damage in fights. However only pick him if you personally believe Liquid does not have a shot at winning. OHQ is still a no go for me as his positioning is terrible right now in a majority of fights.

Phoenix1 vs. Apex                                                                                                           Favored: Apex (Highly Favored)                                                                                     Kill Count: High – Very High

And the snooze fest of the day goes to P1 vs. APX. Do not pick any P1 players. Apex is going to dominate this match without a doubt in my mind.

You want Xpecial for certain. Xpecial has an 80% KP. That is insane and he makes plays happen. His time away from the LCS has done nothing to his skill. Other good picks for Apex are Apollo (currently holds a 4.0 KDA Ratio, 62% KP), Ray (who showed us that insane J4 play against NV last week) and ShrimP.

Fantasy wise your most efficient choices would be Apollo and Xpecial.

Do not pick P1 Players

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