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Last week some things got in the way and I was unable to post as many predictions as I wanted to. However it is a new week and time to get back on track!

Before we move onto day 1 predictions I would like to take a quick moment to talk about AlphaDraft’s latest contest. AlphaDraft is giving fans a chance at $15,000 and an all expense paid trip to the world finals in LA on October 6th. All you have to do to participate issignup and enter into their $10 qualifiers for both EU and NA, or you can pay using previously won WFEC tickets. Don’t win the grand prize? No worries, in this tournament you are battling for your share of $50,000 in total prizes. Qualifiers take place each week for both EU and NA LCS.

That is out of the way now, let us move onto day 1!



The Break Down

Please note that this section is based off my opinion. Stats are often used when forming my opinion but these predictions might differ from other analysts.

Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love                                                                                             Favored: Splyce  *Potential tie*                                                                                     Kill Count: 

One of the first matches of the day, with a potential to have a high kill count. Splyce has not won many games, currently sitting at 5th behind FC Schalke 04 with 2 wins. However they’ve managed to match up with many teams with a total of 4 tied series. Picking up a few surprising ties, such as their tie against H2K. I suspect that they should be able to take a win off UOL but there is a potential tie here. However, neither team has shown they are very worthy of Fantasy picks. The picks I show you here are the best available ones between these teams, but certainly not the best available ones all together.

Splyce Picks

  1. Trashy – A¬†surprisingly high kill participation (82%), Trashy has had major roles in the organization’s success so far. He also currently holds the highest KDA ratio on Splyce.
  2. Kobbe – He has had his moments for sure this split. Against H2K he went 6/3/9, netting a total of 33 points. Nothing to call home about but certainly not bad. Especially against H2K.

Roccat vs. Giants                                                                                                               Favored: Roccat                                                                                                                 Kill Count: Medium РHigh

Giants might be ahead of ROC in rankings currently but their performance has just been too poor to recommend any of the players on the team. When comparing the two teams roster I just cannot help but think that on paper ROC is the better team. Again paper stats do not always translate well. I will however, personally be avoiding Giants members today.

Roccat Picks

  1. Steelback
  2. Parang
  3. Betsy

Team Vitality vs. FC Schalke 04                                                                                       Favored: Team Vitality                                                                                                  Kill Count: High

Despite the standings again, I also suspect Team Vitality will come out on top. This match certainly will not be easy between the two teams and FC Schalke 04 will for sure bring a fight.

Team Vitality Picks

  1. Cabochard – Probably one of the better top laners to pick Fantasy wise. Decent KDA and kill particiaption when compared to other EU top lanes.
  2. Kasing – When it comes to Fantasy, Kasing has been scoring very similar to FNC’s Yellowstar. He is a fairly consistent low death support. ¬†He holds a KDA ratio of 4.0 and a kill paritciaption of 76%.
  3. Police – Police has been consistently performing well. Against G2 Esports he had a combined KDA of 10/2/12, or 54 points across 2 games. His KDA ratio is 6.4 and he is involved in a large majority of VIT’s kills with a kill participation of 75%.

H2K vs. Origen                                                                                                                   Favored: H2K *Highly Favored*                                                                                     Kill Count: High РVery High 

H2K has been far from perfect this split but there is no comparing them to OG. While Origen has shown its potential, the team has struggled greatly, only picking up one win (Although they have impressively managed to match-up with plenty of teams, scoring 4 ties.) I would avoid picking OG members for today.

H2K Picks

  1. Odoamne – Odoamne has had his moments of glory (and I’ll be honest I just really like watching this guy play!). In all seriousness he is a good pick for this match up. ¬†He will be going against soAZ who is no stranger to death this split.
  2. Jankos – Jankos is very involved within these games. With a 79% kill particiaption he plays a large role in the score H2K gets. Not the most kill oriented JG pick but certainly not a bad one either – with a potential to do really well against OG’s current roster.

There are some other H2K members that would not be bad picks. However it is still really hard to tell who are definite go to H2K picks and who to avoid. Personally I might consider picking up Freeze (as he might be able to bully xpeke who is new to his current position).

Fnatic vs. G2 Esports                                                                                                       Favored: Fnatic *Possible Tie*                                                                                         Kill Count: Very High

Fnatic vs. G2 Esports is most likely going to be the game of the day. Right now FNC stands at first place with 5 wins, 2 ties, and only 1 loss. However G2 Esports is only a point behind them, currently sitting at second place with a record of 4 wins, 4 ties.

There is a potential for an upset here. However, based on G2 Esports matches so far, FNC is a better team to pick from for Fantasy – even if they lose they have shown they can gain FP while taking an L.

Fnatic Picks

  1. Febiven – With a KDA ratio of 6.0 and 72% kill particiaption, Febiven has had huge success this split when it comes to Fantasy LoL. The last series he played was against Roccat were he brought in a total of 21 kills, 4 deaths, and 22 assist – or 103 FP (on alphadraft.) That is more then most NA LCS players get in matches that go to a third game.
  2. Rekkles – Rekkles is almost always a strong pick, especially in Fantasy. He has a kill participation of 77%, which is very impressive as a ADC. He also has a high KDA ratio of 6.6 – but more importantly (fancy stats out of the way) he has been performing well this split getting a decent amount of kills and assists each game while not dying much (or sometimes at all). His consistency is what makes him such an amazing choice.
  3. Lastly I am going with YellowStar who, despite dying a lot some games, makes a huge impact within the game. He is apart of nearly every kill making him a great support pick (although he is expensive). He might not be the best support pick for Fantasy but he certainly is not a bad one.

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