Week 3, day 1 of the 2016 EU summer split was no disappointment. Origen out performed by predictions and took on Roccat to obtain their first win this split. Fnatic continued on their dominating performance by beating out S04 and Vitality did the same by crushing UOL. As expected H2K and G2 brought the action as both teams picked up a win in their series. Lastly Giants continued on their slump losing their match-up against Splyce.

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That is out of the way now, let us move onto day 2!



The Break Down

Unicorns Of Love vs. G2 Esports                                                                                      Favored: G2 Esports (Highly Favored)                                                                        Kill Count: High

G2 Esports finished last split in first place only to go onto MSI and fail terribly. However coming back from MSI they are on a mission to silence their haters. No matter where they stand internationally – they are currently proving that they are a top tier team in Europe. On the other hand Unicorns Of Love are tied for last place with Giants.

Coming into this week nobody knew what to expect 😉 from G2 with their new top laner. His first game against H2K was not bad but definitely not impressive finishing 2/3/7 on Irelia. The second game however was monstrous with Expect finishing 9/1/7 on Fizz. Against UOL, G2 should be able to do fine even if Expect gets stage nerves. The Fantasy picks for this team on day 2 should be either Trick, Perkz or Zven. These players are almost guaranteed to perform great. Mithy is most likely not worth the pick.

Do not pick anyone from UOL.

Roccat vs. FC Schalke 04                                                                                        Favored: FC Schalke 04                                                                                                    Kill Count: High

Some might disagree with my favored pick here, and that is okay. Roccat currently is tied for 5th place, while FC Schalke is tied with Origen to see who gets 6th place. Player wise there are a lot more Fantasy worthy players on S04. The only ROC player I see maybe worthy here is Steelback.

Let’s take a look at S04. MrRalleZ has had an amazing Fantasy showing which is interesting because he has only won a single series this split. This makes him an extra valuable pick because even when S04 loses – he is out performing most players. On day 1, S04 was put against 2nd place FNC and they lost both games. However Mr.RalleZ still had a combined KDA of 11/4/11. That is a total of 51 points – not too bad for a lost.

Besides those two players, this match up is not really Fantasy worthy. Even with those players, not the best option to spend your cash on this.

Splyce vs. Fnatic                                                                                                  Favored: Fnatic (Highly favored)                                                                                    Kill Count: High

Fnatic is highly favored here (even though SPY pulled off a clean win against Giants). Fnatic has the stronger lineup and are much better are making decisive calls.

For Fnatic here you want to focus on three main players: Yellowstar, Rekkles, and Febiven. Yellowstar is still the Fantasy god he was before TSM. He is most likely the best Fantasy pick in Europe for the support position. Rekkles is currently averaging a little over 28 points on games FNC wins and comes 1st or 2nd 80% of the time so far. Febiven has also had a decent showing Fantasy wise besides a few off games. Gamsu and Spirit are not bad picks – they just are not the ones to focus on when spending your salary on FNC players.

Do not pick Splyce players.

Team Vitality vs. H2K                                                                                          Favored: H2K                                                                                                                   Kill count: Very High

This match-up conflicted me I will be honest. The stats show that H2K is favored here. However players on both side have been performing well.

On VIT go with  Police.Police has been doing really well since he receiving the starting spot in this lineup. Even against FNC he held up. I would also say go with Nukeduck here but I fear he might get blown out by Ryu.

H2K is the team I believe ultimately should win. Vander is an amazing choice as he has a high KP and low deaths. In fact his first death in the last 4 games was the last game against G2. Freeze had a bad game 2 against G2 but with that game excluded he has been getting a fairly high amount of kills and a low amount of deaths. Ryu like I said might blow Nukeduck out of the waters and I would consider him as your midlane pick/flex pick.

Giants vs. Origen                                                                                                Favored: Origen (Highly Favored)                                                                                    Kill Count: Medium – High

My strategy stands – pick anyone who goes against Giants. Some people brought up a good point yesterday – maybe I was too harsh on Giants as they had a hard first two week schedule. I thought about it and agreed. This week was their chance to prove they are a middle pact team at the very least. Based on day 1 I stick by my opinion. I believe Giants are the worst team in the EU LCS right now.

This is not an insult to their individual skill. Each player on the Giant’s roster are talented – but together they are not meshing. Avoid picking from them until they can prove they are worth the consideration.

For OG focus on PowerOfEvil, Amazing, and soaZ who have really stepped up an attempt to put the organization on their backs. xPeke has not been doing bad – but in all reality he is not much of a difference maker here. He holds his own and that is about is. POE, Amazing and soaZ on the other hand have been difference makers and they have been earning Fantasy points doing so. Against Giants they should be able to pick up a significant amount.

Do not pick Giants players.

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