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Week 2, Day 2 of the NA LCS Summer split begins at 3 pm (EST) with Liquid taking on Counter Logic gaming and NRG Esports looking to beat Echo Fox. For today’s prediction/Fantasy breakdown I am changing the format up a bit – so let me know what you think!




CLG vs. TL                                                                                                                         Favored: CLG                                                                                                                     Kill count: High                                                                                                             After a disappointing start to their LCS split, Team Liquid brought back Dardoch. That failed to help the organization last week however as they still dropped both games leaving them in a three way tie for 9th place. Liquid has the talent and there is no question about them. It is their lack of coordination and team-play that causes them to throw so many games. CLG had a disappointing first week too, especially after such an incredible showing at MSI. CLG has a knack for taking advantage of misplays and forcing throws. For this, I predict CLG to take the series from TL. But it will not go without blood being shed. I think this match-up will consist of a high kill count.

Last week Aphromoo had one game that netted him an incredible amount of Fantasy points, yet we still see him in a slump. That being said I think he is a perfectly reasonable pick here. A more consistent pick, and maybe a safer one would be Xmithie or Stixxay. While Darshan is a strong top laner – Fantasy wise he often finds few points due to his split pushing style.

If you choose to pick from TL you have one decent pick in my opinion: Piglet. However I strongly recommend you avoid picking anyone from TL. While Lourlo, Matt, Fenix and Dardoch are all great picks on a normal day – in this match-up it is too questionable to pick them.

NRG vs. Fox                                                                                                                     Favored: NRG                                                                                                                   Kill count: Medium – High                                                                                               Echo Fox has failed to impress me so far this split. On the same plate, NRG has struggled to produce any wins. Despite that NRG is the team I expect to take the series. It is possible that this game goes to a game 3. The kill count here is a bit hard to predict but I expect there to be a decent amount of kills to possibly a high kill count game.

Take players from NRG if you have to. Specifically GBM. When NRG wins a match so far this split it is because of GBM. With picks such as Vlad we have seen that he is not afraid to 1v4 and he is often the reason a fight will turn around in NRG’s favor. While OHQ has shown very small glimpses of hope – he still has so much more to fix before I can recommend him as a solid Fantasy pick. Kiwikid as well has the potential to be a great Fantasy pick but until OHQ can produce he is not worth the pick.

I would not advise taking any Echo Fox players.

C9 vs. P1                                                                                                                   Favored: C9                                                                                                                   Kill count: Very High                                                                                                       Cloud 9 is very likely to win this match-up. The question is who will we see play from the C9 roster? It is possible C9 substitutes some players in and out. The kill count is likely going to be very high in this series – but this series is unlikely to make it past game 2. For that reason avoid going heavy on C9 players.

Jensen is the pick from C9 you want here. Fantasy wise he averages the most points of anyone else from C9’s roster. Sneaky does well also – surprisingly so does the old man Meteos who averaged 27 points a game last week which is beyond impressive.

Do not pick any P1 players.

TSM vs. APX                                                                                                                  Favored: TSM                                                                                                                   Kill count: Very High                                                                                                       This last match-up is definitely not a snooze fest. TSM is the stronger team here. However Apex has shown that they are giving each game their all, and they surely have a chance at taking this series from TSM. If it does make it to a game 3 I still favor TSM players over APX players.

TSM look so much stronger last week. Hauntzer was finally performing to the standard fans wanted, Bjergsen had a strong showing, and Doublelift synergized so well with his new support Biofrost. Today I recommend taking Bjergsen over Doublelift, although if you can afford it – taking both can be very good. Hauntzer is still going to be very strong pick and if you are on the lookout for a top laner he is your man. While BioFrost had a great Fantasy performance his first week, it is doubtful it stays as good as week 1. This does not mean he is a bad pick by any means.

If APX wins this series it is going to be because of Ray, ShrimP and Apollo. Fantasy wise I would avoid Ray as he has not produced much. Apollo would be my go to pick and then ShrimP if you do not have the money for Apollo. Avoid Keane as he is bound to struggle against Bjergsen.

Team Pick:                                                                                                                         For my team pick I would look for a series that is likely to make it to game 3. That match-up is possibly TSM vs. APX. Here I would take TSM over APX if you have the money to do so. Both should be able to grab a decent amount of objectives so choosing APX if you are low on money is not a horrid choice.