Yesterday fans got a taste of whats to come with the 2016 NA Summer split. Making predictions during the first week of games is always risky and the first two series showed that. However it is time to put yesterday on the back burner (for now!) and focus on the four games being played today.

These are the games taking place June 4th:


Picking your lineup

Generally when picking a lineup before even worrying about the salary cap I choose the teams I believe will with their games. The first game is Cloud9 vs. Immortals. While Cloud9 previously performed well during the Spring Split, this split they are coming in with some big changes. Immortals is my favorite for this match – and thus you should try and avoid picking many players from C9. Echo Fox vs. Phoenix1 is the second match-up and brings on a difficult decision. This is a match-up I am personally not 100% sure of, however I lean towards Echo Fox winning in the 3rd match.

Team Envy will face off against Liquid in the third match of the day. I think this one could go to a game three but believe that in the end Liquid will pull out on top. This leaves Apex and NRG Esports to finish the day. Yesterday I put a lot of faith into NRG and it showed not to be the best judgement as they unfortunately could not pull off the win against Team Envy. Despite that, there were still glimpses of hope for NRG and I do believe they are the stronger lineup today.

Top LaneHuni had an incredible dominate split during the spring and I think he is still a top tier fantasy pick. Also he tends to have a great impact (no pun intended ;)) when it comes to IMT’s victories. Depending on salary here are the toplaners I believe are safe picks: Lourlo, Huni, Quas, kfo

Jungle – The top choice on Alphadraft for Jungle is Reignover. However to cut back on spending and avoid putting my eggs all in one basket I chose to put in Santorin. Santorin had his moments yesterday and I think he is a fairly safe pick today as well. Safe picks: Reignover, Hard, Moon, Santorin

Mid LaneGBM pulled off miracles last night saving his team from a 2-0 defeat. Unfortunately it was not enough, however today he should be on top of his game. Safe picks: Froggen, GBM, Fenix, Pobelter. Sleeper pick for this one: Jensen.

ADC – One true love. Piglet. This kid plays with his heart on his sleeve and after a disappointing performance in the Spring playoffs there is no doubt he is coming into today’s games firing on all cylinders. Safe picks: Keith, Piglet, WildTurtle, OHQ. Sleeper picks: Sneaky, LOD.

Support – Starting to run low on cash I went for Bunny FuFuu. While I don’t think C9 will win overall I think his personal performance will be enough to break even on Fantasy points. Safe picks: Adrian, Big, Matt, KiwiKid, BunnyFuFuu.

Flex – I decided to once again double up on ADCs choosing OHQ as my flex. I was not at all pleased with his performance yesterday as he seemed scared in team fights and was often out of position, but I am going to give him another shot.

Team – Immortals seemed to give me the best for the money I had left. Safe picks: Echo Fox, TL, IMT, NRG


More to come 

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