Week three of the EU LCS is right around the corner and the Fantasy stakes are higher then every – especially on AlphaDraft where the EU qualifiers are taking place currently for a shot at winning $15,000 and an all expense paid trip to LA in October for the World Finals. For others playing on another site stakes are still high as you prepare to show your friends who the real analyst is. Here is everything you need to know while picking your W3D1 roster.



The Break Down

Roccat vs. Origen                                                                                                             Favored: Roccat                                                                                                              Kill Count: High

Starting us off for day one is Roccat vs. Origen. Currently OG is sitting at last place with 2 loses and 2 ties. Roccat on the other hand has had a slightly better start to the split. They sit at 4th place with 1 win and 3 ties.

The rough start for Origen can partly be blamed on their lack of ADCs. Star ADC Forg1ven was removed last week from the starting lineup due to “lack of motivation” and replaced by former mid laner and current owner of OG, xPeke. While xPeke was a star mid laner during his time playing competitively – his return has made things clear… OG is in desperate need of a proper replacement. The organization has received backlash for their lack of subs since this incident.

xPeke is by no means a bad player. He is even showing that he can play the ADC position decently. However he is not the carry that can be trusted putting the team on his back. Whether its his time off from professional play or the lack of competitive synergy with this current OG roster, xPeke is not the saving grace they need. What OG needs is an actual ADC. I strongly believe that Roccat will take this win. Roccat has greatly surprised me this split and against all odds has had a very successful first two weeks.

When picking Roccat players right now, it is very hard to go wrong. Let’s start with Jungle Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia, who we last saw take on Team Vitality just four days ago. His KDA for those two games (both ROC wins) was 6/7/19. That is a net worth of 49 points. Certainly not anything to call home about, but definitely not a wasted pick. Next is Top laner Sang-Won “Parang” Lee who against VIT had a KDA of 4/1/22. That is a total of 55 Fantasy points and his lack of deaths is definitely something to note. Mid lane Felix “Betsy” Edling surely did not do bad, but on ROC he has not shown he is quite worth the Fantasy pick. My recommendation for a pick if you are going with ROC is none other then Pierre “SteelBack” Medjaldi who had an explosive Fantasy week 2. Against VIT, Steelback had a KDA of 18/6/9. That is a total of 66 points. Not too shabby.

Stay away from OG players.

Fnatic vs. FC Schalke 04                                                                                                 Favored: Fnatic                                                                                                                 Kill Count: High

Another team that is doing surprisingly well is FC Schalke 04. This team has far exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately for them they’ll be facing Fnatic day 1 – a team who is doing as well as everyone expected.

Picking from FNC you want to focus on Yellowstar and Spirt who have had excellent Fantasy performances. Yellowstar has been getting high assist numbers – which equals 2 points per assists. Spirit has also had decently high assist numbers – the only difference is he has also been picking up a decent amount of kills, which are worth 3 points per kill.

For FC Schalke 04 players, if you go that route focus on MrRalleZ and Steve who have been pretty consistent Fantasy wise. These are also generally the cheaper picks.

Team Vitality vs. Unicorns of Love                                                                                   Favored: Team Vitality                                                                                                     Kill Count: Medium – High

Team Vitality is the stronger team here in my opinion. Especially when it comes to Fantasy points. UOL and VIT are currently tied for 7th place despite UOL having a win over VIT. Vitality has been unfortunate as the best of 2 format has left them with three ties. On the opposite side, UOL has zero ties and only one win. So while the record leaves the two tied for a spot – UOL has lost more times then VIT.

Go Nukeduck here.  With a 78% Kill participation, he’s going to be involved in most fights. The choice becomes more clear when you look at who is he against – Exileh. Exileh has a very high death count. In the last 4 games alone he has died 19 times, only picking up 7 kills himself. Nukeduck is going to beat Exileh in every single way. Kill wise. Participation wise, and even CS wise.

Avoid UOL players.

H2K vs. G2 Esports                                                                                                           Favored: H2K                                                                                                                  Kill Count: Very High 

This is the game of the day for me. H2K vs. G2 Esports. G2 is sole owner of the first place spot right now, but that can change with this series. It is possible that both teams drop a game in this match-up. I might get hate for this one but I strongly believe that H2K has a legitimate chance of winning this match-up. When picking H2K players, the first person to come to mind is Jankos. Jankos is involved in nearly every kill H2K gets. He has an impressive 83% participation record this split, that’s higher then Vander (H2K’s support). Speaking of Vander – great Fantasy pick! In the last 4 games Vander has a KDA of 2/2/44. That is 2 deaths in 4 games. Truly amazing. Freeze is another good Fantasy pick having a KDA of 22/6/23. Pretty much anyone from H2K besides Odoamne is a solid Fantasy pick – although for some lanes against G2 might not be as explosive as usual.

For G2 Esports there are also plenty of good options. I would stick to Perkz and Zven if you are going to pick from G2. Avoid Expect in the top lane and take mithy with caution.

Splyce vs. Giants                                                                                                             Favored: Splyce                                                                                                               Kill Count: Low

Kind of a snooze fest here to be honest. Giants had a somewhat better week on day 2 of week 2. However they still have a lot of work to do. Splyce on the other hand has not been much more interesting. They are tied for 5th with FC Schalke 04. Basically Splyce is doing a lot better then Giants – but neither team are extremely good.

If you have to – pick Splyce players. My motto the past few EU LCS weeks is to avoid Giants unless you’re looking for disappointment. On Splyce Kobbe and Sencux have had decent Fantasy performances and probably will on this day as well.

Avoid Giants players at all cost.

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